Fences are put up for different reasons. Some fences provide privacy while others such as the bollard fence allow easy movement and enhance security.

Bollards are short posts that protect structures, mark boundaries, and allow pedestrian movement while preventing car traffic. You can use bollards both indoors and outdoors.

Bollard fences can be permanent or temporary. Due to their height, you can pass through a bollard fence without noticing it. Others have pleasing aesthetics making them hard to miss.

Removable Bollards

When you don’t need protection all the time, bollard fences are the best fences to use. You can use them to control access to certain places. Removable bollards are also known as barrier posts.

Removable bollards are flexible. You can remove them to create additional parking space or install them to limit access.

Removable Bollards

Security Bollards

Security bollards are made of steel and filled with concrete. Also, these bollards are aesthetically appealing. Painted security bollards enhance visibility and fit.

Security bollards prevent cars from crashing into a property. The strength of security bollards depends on their engineering.

Security Bollards

Retractable Bollards

Retractable bollards control access to a property.

For entry, these bollards retract downwards. They will then get back to their original position to prevent access.

Retractable Bollards

Lighted Bollards

Lighted bollards are installed along a path to light and enhance security. They are ordinary bollards installed with a bulb or a source of light. They are designed beautifully for additional aesthetic appeal to the path.

Lighted bollards have solar-powered lights. It makes them an eco-friendly fencing and lighting solution.

Lighted Bollards


Automatic bollards are similar to retractable bollards. You can control automatic bollards yourself to gain access to a property.


Benefits Of A Bollard Fence

Enhance Aesthetic Appeal

Add bollards as part of the architectural design of a property to enhance aesthetics. They can be lit or painted to add aesthetic appeal to the property. Retractable bollards add to the complexity of the property.

Easy To Install

Unlike other fences, bollard fences are easy to install. To install bollards, dig holes and install the bollards in them. Connect the bollards with chains or posts. Or, you can leave them with spaces between two bollards.

Road Management

Bollards ease traffic management on the road. Bollards are installed on the road to divide lanes, provide walkways and create diversions. They are easy to install and carry away when they serve their purpose.

You can also use them to manage parking spaces. Drivers can see the bollards that mark the parking area.


Bollards provide enhanced security to properties near roads. They prevent cars from crashing into buildings.

They can also be set up near shops to prevent theft and burglary. With bollards, escape cars cannot park close to the shop.

Boundary Marking

Bollards effectively mark boundaries. Store owners can use them in front of their stores to indicate the front of their stores.

Bollards are also used as guides both indoors and outdoors. Both human and vehicular traffic can follow bollards to a specific place.

Pedestrian Safety

Bollards protect pedestrians from out-of-control vehicles on the road. Road accidents will not harm pedestrians walking on the other side of the bollards if there is an accident.

Eco Friendly

Many bollard manufacturers use recycled plastic to make them. It ensures that they eliminate waste products from landfills and society.

Additionally, the bollards are resistant to pests and rot. As a result, they are in use for longer before replacement.


Bollard installation is cheaper than other types of fences. Once installed, bollards have low maintenance requirements.

Uses Of A Bollard Fence

Bicycle Parking

If you ride a bicycle, you want to park it in a secure place. Bollards provide a safe location to lock your bike in the streets.

Lane Separation On The Roads

Bollard fences are used on roads to create cycling paths. They also guide vehicular traffic along roads with a bicycle lane.

Provide Security

Bollard fences prevent ram-raids. When you install bollards in your storefront, it prevents robbers from driving a car into it.

Bollards also protect sensitive and fragile components. You will find bollard fences around high-level buildings, art pieces, and other items that need you to stay away from them.

Aesthetic Appeal

Bollards are painted in bright colors whether installed in the street or your homes. The bright colors enhance the aesthetic appeal. You can also add lighting to the bollards to light them up and make them more attractive.

Differences Between Bollard Fences And Other Fences


The bollard fence is short. Most fences are 6-8 feet, while the bollard fence is up to 3 feet high.

The height of bollard fences ensures that they serve their purpose efficiently and effectively.

High fences are not necessary for public spaces. Hence the need for bollards.


The most important consideration when installing a fence is privacy. Bollard fences provide limited privacy. You can see through the bollard fence easily. Most times, you don’t even realize that it is present.

Other types of fences enhance privacy. You can barely see beyond them. You have to go through the gates to see beyond it.


Most fences are permanent. Durability is another consideration when installing a fence. Bollard fences don’t have to be permanent. You install them when the need arises.

Depending on the type of bollard fence you install, they can be permanent or temporary. Retractable bollards, for example, can retrace to allow access. Bollards installed in shopfronts and on roads are made from hard material to ensure they are permanent.

Bollards used for special occasions are temporary. Providers carry them away once their use is complete.

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