Using a local lawn overseeding service is a great way to revive the bare spots, thicken the turf, and enhance your lawn’s green color. And while watering and adding fertilizers may work, in some cases, lawn overseeding might be a better solution.

Lawn overseeding services near you can quickly give your lawn a once over with some fresh seeds to bolster growth so it comes in greener and thicker than ever.

They can also test your soil to determine which grass variety you should use if you need aeration or dethatching.

Local lawn overseeding service

What local companies do lawn overseeding?

There are numerous companies offering overseeding services near you. They normally include:

To find out the lawn overseeding companies in your area, you can use Home Garden Guides. Just type in your Zip code, and we’ll connect you with the best pre-screened companies near you.

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When is the best time for lawn overseeding?

When planning to look for lawn overseeding services, timing is everything. Generally, the transitional months, Spring and Fall, will always be a good time to grow your grass.

However, the best time for overseeding is different for homeowners in different parts of the country. For the Northern areas with a cold climate, late fall and early spring is the ideal time. For the Warmer southern areas, late spring and early fall are the best time.

Here’s a table showing the best time to overseed your lawn depending on your area.

Lawn overseeding service near me

LocationGrass TypeWhen to Overseed
Pacific Northwest (Washington and Oregon)Cool-season grasses6 weeks before winter and early spring
South West (California and Arizona)Warm-season grasses Early Spring
North-East states (Vermont and Maine)Cool-season grassesLate summer and early fall
Midwest U.S (Minnesota, Missouri, and Illinois)Cool-season grassMid-August to Mid-September
Southern States (Texas, Georgia, and Florida)Warm-season grassesMid-spring and Early summer (April, May, and June)

How to prepare for lawn overseeding

For a successful lawn overseeding, your preparation process is crucial. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to do it;