The cost of painting concrete varies depending on the surface. This could be a wall, a basement, a fireplace, or a driveway.

The average cost to paint concrete ranges from $5 to $10 per square foot. The national average to paint a concrete surface ranges from $1,200 – $6,000.

Driveways and garages require special paint which costs more per gallon than paint for walls.

Cost to paint concrete per sq ft

Cost to paint concrete per square foot by surface

There are various types of concrete surfaces and each of them attracts different painting costs. The average painting cost of different concrete surfaces is discussed below.

Cost to paint a driveway concrete per square foot

A driveway concrete paint project will cost about $4 at a minimum and can go as high as $15 per square foot. This depends on the condition of the surface, the number of repairs/fixes needed and the complexity of the painting design you have chosen.

Minimum cost$4
Average project cost$10
Total national average cost$200 - $400

Cost to paint concrete flooring per square foot

For concrete flooring, you can budget to spend about $3-$30 per square foot. Most homeowners prefer a sophisticated paint job on their concrete floor. Therefore the type and quality of paint you choose may influence your total estimate.

Minimum cost per square foot$3
Maximum cost per square foot$30

Cost to paint concrete basement wall per square foot

The average cost to paint a concrete basement wall per square ft ranges from $4-$8. This cost is determined by the size of the basement and the condition of the walls. Depending on the location of your property, you can get an estimate of $10 to $20 per square foot.

Minimum average cost per sq ft$4 - $8
Maximum average cost per sq ft$10 - $20

Cost to paint concrete patio per square foot

Apart from wood, concrete is another material that is commonly used for patios due to the sturdiness that enables it to withstand any harsh weather conditions. It is also cheap to maintain concrete patios.

Painting your concrete patio is an important form of maintenance, as it helps to cover up any tarnish and signs of wear and any patches it acquires with time. It also helps to extend the durability of your patio by masking it from surface scratches etc.

The average cost to paint a concrete patio range from $3 on a minimum to a maximum of $20.

Minimum average cost$3
Maximum average cost$20

Cost to paint primers and coat on concrete

Using a primer on concrete surfaces helps prepare the surface for the paint pigment. They are essential when painting on rough or a combination of smooth and hard surfaces.

There are various types of primers. Each primer is chosen by your private contractor according to its suitability for your paint.

Cost to paint concrete with a primer per sq ft

Type of PrimerPrimer per gallonAverage cost per sq
Adhesive $15 - $60$4 - $6
Shellac$30 - $60$6 - $12
Oil$25 - $50$2 - $4
Latex$20 - $80$4 - $8

Cost to paint concrete with finishes and coats

Paint finishes on your concrete surface will amplify the quality of the paint and add to its beauty. It seals any blotch or scratches that may have been incurred during the painting project.

Apart from the beauty it adds, it also acts as a protective shield or cover for the surface and its paint.

Types of FinishesCoat per gallonAverage cost per sq
Matte$10 - $40$5 - $10
Eggshell$11 - $50$4 - $8
Semi-gloss$12 - $60$5 - 15
High-gloss$12 - $50$6 - $12
Satin $17 - $70$5 - $10

Cost to paint concrete with a no-slip floor coating

The cost of painting your concrete flooring or surface ranges from $2 to $5 per sq ft.

Cost to paint concrete with an overlay paint

An average cost to paint a concrete surface with overlay paint ranges from $15-$30 per square foot. This cost is determined by the total square foot of your concrete floor.

Cost to paint concrete with an epoxy floor coating

The cost to paint concrete with an epoxy coating ranges from $10 to $15. This cost may scale up to $30 and above depending on the complexity of the design you have selected and the size of your concrete surface.

Cost to paint with a stain floor coating

An average cost to paint a concrete surface with a stain floor coat range from $5 as a minimum cost to $25 as a maximum cost.

Cost to DIY a concrete paint project

If you don’t have prior experience, it is not advisable to DIY a concrete paint project due to the types of chemicals involved. Accidents can occur when these chemicals are used without the right knowledge.

If you’re doing a small-scale paint project that doesn’t require those chemicals, you can give it a shot. The average cost to DIY paint a small surface ranges from $100- $200.

Cost of refinishing concrete floors

A basic resurfacing and repairing will cost between $4 and $10 per square foot. Polishing costs range from $5 to $15 per square foot for a simple polish and $30 per sq ft for a complex polish.

Factors that influence the cost of a concrete paint project

There are many factors that influence the cost of concrete paint projects. Some of them include;


The amount of prep work required on your concrete surface, may add an extra cost to your estimate.


The quality of your materials e.g. paint attracts different costs. A company or private contractor may also increase your estimate due to the number of materials involved in the project.

Testing and permits

If you will be testing for mold or any fault on your surface, this can add to the cost of your paint project. Companies charge an extra fee when they visit to assess the condition of your concrete.

In rare cases, you may be asked to pay a fee for the permit to begin or continue with your painting project.


At the completion of a paint project, extensive cleaning is needed due to the strong chemicals used. This will make the house conducive for habitation again. This service adds an extra charge when a cleaning agency is hired.

Disposal of non-reusable materials, paint waste and concrete debris may also attract a special fee.

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