Painting window frames black is all the rage these days and gives your home a modern elegant look..

The cost of painting your window frames black ranges between $1 and $5 per linear ft. Price varies depending on your location, the window height (single or double story home) and the frame’s condition.

Below we also discuss a few factors affecting this cost and how to paint the frames yourself.

cost to paint a window frame black

There is a general cost for painting window frames. Contractors check the cost per linear foot before including materials and other important factors. Depending on the agreement, a few contractors may check the cost per hour. Here is a cost guide for painting your window frames black:

Cost Per Linear Foot$1.85$3.25$5.05
Estimated Total Per Window$170$300$450

As mentioned before, certain factors affect the cost of window painting. Below we look at a few of those factors, but the best way to get an accurate guide is to get three estimates from local painters in your area. Use this free service to get matched with the best-priced local painters.

Types of window frames

Several window frames determine whether or not you can paint them. There are three primary types of frames: wood, metal, and vinyl. Wood and metal are easy to paint, and manufacturers usually recommend the paint types for these materials. However, vinyl is different; it is a bit difficult to paint because of its texture.

Vinyl window frames

While window manufacturers say you should not paint vinyl frames, contractors have a different opinion and usually do the job. The reason is that paint has difficulty adhering to vinyl, although there are special primers for using paint on vinyl. Therefore, if you want to paint vinyl window frames, use this primer for better paint adherence and a long-lasting effect.

There is also the problem of painting vinyl a darker color than it is. The heat from the sun can increase the temperature and warp the frames if they are vinyl and you paint them a color darker than they currently are. You must consider this if you want to paint vinyl window frames black.

Wood and metal window frames

It is much easier to paint wood or metal window frames because of how well paint adheres to them. You can even use the same primer and paint for both frame materials, and the painting instructions are usually the same.

The paint will have a better finish and last longer if you use the correct primer and follow strict instructions. Also, the paint does not warp due to heat if you choose a color darker than the wood or metal material of the window frames. Therefore, you can paint the frames black or any other dark color.

What determines the cost of painting window frames?

The following are factors that determine the cost of painting window frames black:

Cost of black paint and house size

You must check the cost of black paint before making a budget for painting the frames. Typically, black paint is more expensive than other paint colors. So, it may increase the cost of painting the frames. Also, the house size determines how much paint you will need. The bigger the house, the more the number of windows. That means you will need more black paint than usual, affecting the project cost.

Window frame type and time of tear

The type of window frame affects the cost of painting it. If a contractor is to paint vinyl frames, it may cost more than painting wood or metal frames. The vinyl texture makes it harder to paint, even if you use a primer.

The time of the year also affects the cost, but this is only applicable if you paint the exterior frames. Warm weather works better for such painting jobs than cold weather.

Location and frame condition

Some states and cities have higher living costs than others. If you live in an expensive city, it may cost more to paint the window black than in other areas, especially when you include the cost of materials such as paint.

Apart from the materials, you must also consider the condition of the frames. If they are not in good condition, they will require some repairs, which may significantly increase the cost. This does not apply if the frames are in excellent condition.

DIY steps to paint window frames black

Ensure you get the right primer because it is the most crucial part of the process. The type of window frame determines the primer, and the primer determines the results. Gently sand the frame and clean the dust off with a damp cloth.

Next, tape off the frames and apply primer. There should be about two coats of primer, and the frames should sit overnight before you apply paint. The drying time depends on the paint type; some dry faster than others. But give the frames a few hours to dry before touching the windows.

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