If you want to give your house a new look without having to repaint the entire house, painting your window frames could do the trick. Wooden window frames, in particular, need to be repainted regularly to maintain their initial look. If done correctly, the paint job should last between 5 – 10 years.

The average cost of painting wooden window frames ranges between $1 and $5 per linear foot. This cost varies from city to city and does not include tax and repairs, so it may significantly increase.

Other factors affecting the cost include the number of windows, the condition of the window frames, and where you live. Let us break down this cost and explain the factors that can change it.

Cost To Paint Wooden Window Frames

Many wooden frames are made of wood, so there is a general cost of painting these frames.

Typically, painters calculate the cost per linear foot before checking the cost of raw materials and other expenses. Some may present a general budget, while others may bill you per hour. This will depend on your agreement with the contractor or the city where you live.

Cost Per Linear Foot$1.85$3.25$5.05
Estimated Total Per Window$170$300$450

This cost guide is a general estimate and may not apply to every painting job. So, you must determine what applies to your locality and make a budget based on that. The best part is that wood is easy to paint, so it should be an easy job for any contractor, especially if you choose a good color.

Remember that the frames’ condition can significantly affect how much a contractor charges you to paint the window frames. Old frames may need repairs before painting, and if they are high on the wall, that will also affect the cost. As for tax, it is best to add between 10 and 15% of the cost of the job to cover it.

What factors affect the cost of painting wooden frames?

Before making a budget to cover the cost of painting your wooden window frames, you must know the factors that affect it. That way, you can determine which ones apply to your house and make the appropriate adjustments.

Frame condition

As we mentioned, the condition of the frames affects the cost of the painting job. You may opt to paint the window frames yourself, but it may be difficult if there are many frames and they are high on the wall.

Moreover, necessary repairs may deter the progress if you paint them yourself. So, a contractor is your best bet, so you must consider possible repairs and how much they may cost.

Frame height

The height of the window frames also plays a role in the cost implication. Contractors tend to charge more if the windows are high because they may need to hire scaffolding.

Ladders may work, but not every ladder is high enough to reach some windows. Moreover, it is safer to use scaffolding unless the contractor has an assistant to help them support the ladder while they are on it.

House size and window shape

The size of the house determines the number of frames the contractor has to paint. The bigger the house is, the more frames are available to paint. And that may also mean windows that are higher up on the walls.

The shape of the windows may make the job more difficult, although this is not always the case. Most window frames have conventional shapes, so there is usually no need to check this factor when making a budget. However, if your house has oddly-shaped windows that may prolong the painting job, the painter may charge more, even if it is by the hour.

Paint type

There is also the paint type to consider; some paint types cost more than others. You can use regular paint, but if you are particular about duration and aesthetics, you may want to choose a special paint type. When you combine it with the required primer, your budget for the job may change.


Another crucial factor is the job location. Different areas have varying costs for painting window frames; some areas may be more expensive than others. Also, cities may cost more in terms of hiring contractors than suburbs and rural areas.

Time of year

The time of year is also crucial in how much it costs you to paint. However, this may only apply if you paint the interior and exterior window frames. Nevertheless, it depends on the contractor and the agreement; some may not be open to working in icy weather, even if the job is indoors.

Painting wooden window frames yourself

If you decide to DIY the paint job, there to save up on labor costs, here are a few steps to guide you.

1. Choose the right paint

The first step is to choose the right paint. That will depend on your budget or the results you hope to get. You may also want to consider the duration of the paint before you must repaint the frames. So, select the paint and also choose a primer to fit the wooden material.

Note that different window frame materials require different primers; primers for vinyl may work differently for wood.

Painting wooden window frames yourself

2. Sand the frames

Next, sand the frames to prepare them for painting. The paint and primer adhere better to the wood when you sand to create a smooth surface. At this point, you must determine whether or not the frames need repairs. Then, you can do the repairs yourself or hire a professional for the job.

3. Apply primer and paint

Clean off the dust from sanding the frames and apply two primer coats. Leave the frames overnight with the primer before applying paint. Before proceeding, check how dry the primer is, and apply two layers of paint per frame. You may apply an extra layer, depending on the desired result. Lastly, allow some hours of drying time before checking the frames.

Should you hire a professional instead?

It may be best to allow a professional contractor to paint the wooden window frames instead of undertaking the task yourself. But you must include other possible expenses to get a better understanding of how much to spend painting the frames.

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