Windows are an extremely important feature for the interior and exterior design of every home. This is because they enhance a property’s visual appeal while also providing the much needed ventilation and light penetration.

They therefore need to be frequently painted or replaced when they outlive their usefulness. Expect to pay painting experts an average of $2.45 per foot to paint your window. This translates to an average of $441 per window inclusive of both materials and labor.

Replacing a single window will cost you an average of $375 in materials and $200 in labor. These prices can however vary depending on factors such as window type, material used, size and energy efficiency.

Paint vs Replace Windows Cost

The window painting costs of two identical homes will vary depending on a number of factors such as window type, material used, type and amount of trim and prep time. It is important to keep these factors in mind before you start looking for estimates.

Service QuantityAverage Cost
Window Trim Painting Labor Cost Per Linear Foot $3.5
Window Trim Painting Labor Cost Per Hour $47.5
Window Trim Painting Material Cost$272.5
Single Interior and Exterior Window Trim Painting Per Linear Foot $3.5
Double Interior and Exterior Window Trim Painting Per Linear Foot $9
National Average Cost $225

Interior vs Exterior Window Trim Painting Cost

The average cost of painting 500 feet of trim on a 1500-square foot house is $$1000. Painting a matching porch will cost you an extra $1250 on average. Expect to pay about $50 for each shutter and soffit. Painting experts charge an average of $50 per hour for labor. Intricate details like eave scroll work, transom windows and sidelight molding significantly increase the overall cost.

Exterior Trim Painting

Outdoor trims cost an average of $2 per linear foot to paint inclusive of both labor and materials. Places like dormers and second-floor soffits which are relatively hard to reach will cost you an additional $1 per linear foot. Ensure you use exterior paint to protect your trim from ultraviolet radiation fading and mold infestation.

Eaves, fascia and soffits are also included in exterior trim painting. Expect to pay an average of $5 per linear foot to paint them. The total average cost of exterior trim painting is $1700.

Interior Trim Painting

Interior trims also cost an average of $2 per linear foot to paint. They however have a higher overall cost than exterior trims. This is because houses normally have more linear feet of interior trim than exterior trim. Painting experts also spend more prep time on interior trims because they are narrower and more difficult to paint.

Expect to pay an average of $2450 to paint the interior trim of a standard 1500-square foot house. Make sure to get professional advice and pricing estimates before you begin the project. This is because painting experts can get the best type of paint for your home at a relatively affordable cost.

Interior trim painting also involves painting casements and crown molding. This normally costs an average of $2.5 per linear foot inclusive of materials and labor. Crown molding is found where the ceiling meets the wall while casements are found around windows and doors. Expect to pay an average of $1200 for newly installed crown molding.

Baseboard Painting Cost

Baseboard painting costs an average of $3 per linear foot which is a little more than the cost of casement painting. This is because baseboards are much wider than casements and therefore require more time and materials to be invested in their painting.

How Much Paint is Required for Trim Painting?

You will need about one gallon of paint for every 375 square feet of trim if you are applying a single coat. However, most homeowners prefer a double coat.

Make sure you find out the total amount of interior and exterior linear feet that you need to paint before buying any paint. Remember to factor in some additional footage for every window and door.

Average Cost of Window Replacement

Simple window replacement projects can cost as low as $50 while elegant and complex ones can cost up to $2000.

Service Quantity Average Cost
Window Replacement Labor CostPer Window $475
Window Replacement Labor Cost Per Hour $40
Single Window Replacement $750
Double Window Replacement $1500
Custom Window Replacement$2000
National Average Cost$6100

Window Replacement Cost by Design

Each of these designs is available in a variety of materials. Expect to pay an additional 50% for custom, elaborate and bigger designs. Most homeowners pay an average of $1000 for window replacement based on their preferred design. Labor costs average at $200 per window.

Design Average Material Cost
Single Hung Windows $250
Double Hung Windows $400
Picture Style Windows $380
Casement Windows $575
Sliding Windows $475
Folding Windows $650
Storm Windows $175
Bay Windows $2550
Bow Windows $4000
Custom Windows $1000
Egress Windows$1500

Single Hung Windows

Expect to pay an average of $250 per window exclusive of labor to replace your single hung window. Single hung windows are the most common and antique style of windows. They vertically open and are made up of a bottom sash which is the only sliding panel.

Single Hung Windows

Double Hung Windows

Replacing your double hung window will cost you an average of $400 exclusive of labor. Double hung windows directly resemble single hung windows in appearance. They however differ from single hung windows in functionality because they have moving top and bottom sashes.

Double Hung Windows

Picture Style Windows

Picture style windows will cost you an average of $380 exclusive of labor to replace. This price can however reach up to $1200 for larger size picture windows. Picture style windows are mostly set and fastened in place. There are however some which have opening side windowpanes for air circulation.

Picture Style Windows

Casement Windows

Homeowners pay an average of $575 exclusive of labor for casement window replacement. This price can however vary based on the material used and the size of the window. Casement windows are either hinged at the top or at the bottom. A top hinge is an awning while a bottom hinge is a hopper.

Casement Windows

Sliding Windows

You will pay an average of $475 exclusive of labor to replace your sliding windows. Sliders also known as gliders can also be employed in larger applications.

Folding Windows

Expect to pay an average of $650 per linear foot exclusive of labor to replace your folding windows. Folding windows are usually extremely unique and customized installations.

Folding Windows

Storm Windows

Replacing your storm windows will cost you an average of $175 per linear foot. Storm widows are a great option for property owners who want to reduce their energy expenses.

This is because they provide insulation for the existing window, block air flow and prevent energy transfer. Storm windows function best when they are fitted over windows with one pane.

Storm Windows

Bay Windows

The average cost of a bay window replacement is $$2550. Bay windows comprise of three panels linked at an angle. They normally extend outward from a living room or bedroom.

Bay Windows

Bow Windows

Expects to pay an average of $4000 exclusive of installation to replace your 5 panel bow windows. If you have 6 panel bow windows, you will have to incur an additional $700. Bow window are similar to bay windows in appearance. They however feature a minimum of five instead of three window panes.

Bow Windows

Custom Windows

Custom windows are certainly more expensive to replace than regular windows. Expect to pay at least $1000 for a custom window replacement. Custom windows are mostly found in older houses where standard opening sizes were not employed during construction.

Custom Windows

Egress Windows

Replacing your egress windows will cost you an average of $1500. This cost can however reach as high as $5000 especially if you are installing such a window in your basement. This is because in such cases, you may be forced to dig a window well or install a window well cover.

Both a window well and a window well cover must be installed according to the law and maintained frequently. This is because they can save lives in case of emergencies such as fire.

Egress Windows

Window Replacement Cost by Frame Material

The cost of replacing your windows will vary based on the frame material you choose. Expect to pay an average labor cost of $200 person and an average frame material cost of $790.

Frame MaterialAverage Cost


Vinyl is one of the cheapest and most common window framing materials. Expect to pay an average of $500 exclusive of labor to frame your windows using vinyl.

This cost can rise to $2500 if you are replacing a large bay, bow or picture window. It can also lower to about $500 per window if you are replacing energy efficient single and double hung windows.


The average cost of regular wood frame replacement on windows inclusive of installation is $725. This cost could however rise up to $1300 and beyond based on your current window panes and casing.

Wood is preferred by most homeowners because it offers a classic architectural design that increases the home’s curb appeal.


Expect to pay an average of $1000 for a fiberglass window replacement. This is about 30% higher than what is costs to replace vinyl windows.

You should however not be afraid to spend more on fiberglass because it is more durable and energy efficient. It even resembles wood in appearance and can therefore offer you a rustic look that increases your home’s curb appeal.


The average aluminum window replacement cost is $240. Larger high-end aluminum windows can however cost up to $1200 to replace. Aluminum windows are not a very popular option because they do not save energy and are relatively hard to paint.


Composite which combines wood fibers with PVC polymers, is a very popular and appealing window framing material. The average cost of composite window replacement is $750. Composite windows are a good option because they are long lasting, look like wood and have good structural integrity


Clad window frames are arguably the most expensive window replacement alternative available. They are made up of a vinyl shell that is on top of an aluminum and wooden frame. Home owners pay an average of $1150 to replace clad window frames.

DIY Vs Professional Window Painting and Replacement

The following factors should be considered when choosing between DIY and professional window trim painting and replacement:

Level of Skill and Experience

You can certainly paint or replace your own windows if you are a naturally handy person with a bit of experience in such tasks. Hiring a professional is however the best option for relatively new DIY contractors. This is because professionals spend minimal time and guarantee maximum efficiency.

Number of Windows

If you are only painting or replacing one or two windows, doing it yourself is the way to go. Multiple window painting or replacement is however best left to professionals. This is because professionals can efficiently accomplish such a task within one or two days which is quite time-effective.

Money Saved Vs Effort Invested

DIY painting or replacing your windows will certainly save you from paying expensive professional labor bills. It is however important to weigh the amount of money being saved against the effort needed to get the job done. If the money saved is not worth the effort you will invest, hire experts. is a great tool that quickly matches you with the best window painting and replacement specialists in your locality. You can get three estimates from local professionals in a matter of two minutes. Kindly follow the steps below to enjoy this great service:

  1. Scroll to the top of the page and enter your zip code.
  2. Answer questions about your window replacement/painting job.
  3. Your window replacement/ painting details are forwarded to three local experts who will send you a price estimate for your job with some friendly advice.

Should I Paint or Replace My Windows?

If your windows are still relatively new, it is better to paint them rather than replacing them. This is because painting can save you an average of 70% on the replacement costs while providing you with a clean fresh look. There will also be minimal disturbance for the few days it takes to complete the task.

Replacing your windows is a good option if they have outlived their lifespan which is estimated to be 25 years. Other window replacement signs include recurring cold drafts, window frame decay, extreme window condensation between glass panels and window malfunctioning.


Trim painting should always be done with a brush designed for small panels. Make sure to start exterior trim painting from the corner and work your way away from it. A second coat of paint should only be applied after the first one is totally dry.

All doors and windows should also be removed or covered with painter’s tape to prevent any blotches. Professional painters recommend using a shaver to prepare the surface before commencing on any painting. Effective caulking and cleaning should also be done before applying any paint coating.

Water repellent primers should be used to prime wood trims before any paint is applied on then. Any splatter should be scraped away using a paint shield. Window sills that have been worn down due to weathering often require additional paint coats.

New high quality windows can last for up to 20 years before needing replacement. Vinyl window manufacturers even offer a warranty period of between 20 and 25 years because they consider this to be the product’s estimated lifespan.

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