9 Important Things To Do When Moving Into a New Home

Are you moving to Pittsburgh in Pennsylvania as well? Even though utilities might be expensive, the housing market is still a whopping 7% lower than the national average. And if you’re making $46,000 a year, you’re earning more than 50% of the city’s population, which is a modest amount for a comfortable lifestyle in Pittsburgh.

The city’s downtown area has also been attracting an increasing number of residents recently, with its beautiful, historic buildings being converted into residential apartments. So, if you succumb to your desire to live in one of those exquisite buildings, no one’s surprised.

Moving to a new home can be a lot of work, and since it’s not something you do every day, you should take your time to do it right. This article has been put together to help you make a smart move (pun intended).

9 Important Things To Do When Moving Into a New Home

1. Make all necessary repairs

Before you move into your new home, doing a thorough walkthrough is highly important. The purpose is to spot anything that might need to be repaired, needs a touch-up, or must be redone. While repairs can be done after you move in, getting them out of the way prior is much more convenient.

The idea of remodeling can sound like a huge hassle, especially if it’s an area like your bathroom. It can also be costly; remodeling a bathroom in Pennsylvania’s major metropolitan areas can set you back anything between $20,000 and $28,000.

It’s a good idea to look up a Pittsburgh bathroom remodel service provider, share your vision, and decide on a budget. Don’t be afraid to revamp your newly acquired space. Anything can be done if you hire the right people.

2. Make a task list

It is very easy to forget things when doing something as big as moving houses. Therefore, making a to-do list can be very helpful in this situation. It will not only help you keep track of your progress but will also ensure that you don’t forget anything important that you need to do. Moreover, keeping a list you can cross things off keeps you motivated.

3. Deep clean when you have the chance

Cleaning out a completely empty space? Yes, please! Deep cleaning an empty house is the best move you could make. When every corner is reachable and every surface is uncovered, cleaning is made a whole lot easier. So, if you like to keep your space sparkling clean, now’s the best time to grab your supplies and attack those nooks and crannies.

4. Plan before you unpack

Unpacking is the most daunting part of moving into a new place. Figuring out which items will go where can help you save a lot of time and energy. Otherwise, you’ll be stuck moving heavy furniture and boxes around till you find the perfect placement.

Planning things doesn’t mean you won’t be making changes later, but having a rough idea of how you want your home to look can help speed up the unpacking process.

5. Prioritize safety

Change your locks! Period. It may not cross your mind to do this at all; you may trust the previous owner, but being on the safe side is always better than being sorry later.

So, make sure changing your locks is the first thing you do. Knowing you have a secure home will free you of the constant worrying and give you peace of mind. It’s a small task but it will save you from troubling thoughts in the long run.

6. Change your address

Don’t forget to update your address on all subscriptions and services when you move. It’s a small but highly important detail that can easily slip one’s mind. Ensure all your mail and billings are updated to be delivered to your new address. You don’t want to end up with your online orders being delayed because they’re waiting for you on your old doorstep, do you?

7. Meet your neighbors

Developing a cordial relationship with your neighbors is always a good thing. You don’t have to become best friends, but having a friendly exchange can help you nurture a pleasant relationship. Your neighbors can play a great role in helping you settle into your new home; they can provide important information and help you get to know the area better.

Being the new person can be scary, and reaching out to your neighbors with a warm gesture can help you pass this phase more quickly.

8. Get to know the area

Go out and explore the new area! See if your new neighborhood has any spots you want to hang out at. Look for stores, cafes, restaurants, and other places you might be interested in. The area will be your new home after you move in, so it is best to find at least essential places, such as a grocery store and coffee shop near you.

You might even want to find a nearby park or running trail as well if you’re a person who likes to jog. The sooner you find places you like in your neighborhood, the sooner you’ll begin to feel at home.

9. Host a housewarming party

Once you’re settled in, try to hold a casual gathering for friends and family and maybe invite some of your neighbors, too! It will help you in the process of making your new house a new home. Not only this, but it will also give you a chance to mingle with your neighbors and get to know them properly.

So, once you feel you’re ready to invite people to your house, round up some snacks and drinks and send out those invites.