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Fencing rules and regulations are important to know before you install a fence.

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Who Owns the Fence Between Houses

As Robert Frost so fondly said, “good fences make good neighbors.” Unfortunately, fences are also a major cause of discourse and dispute among said neighbors. Many homeowners assume that they own the left side of their property fence. However, fence ownership is determined by the position of a fence on the property line. Thus, in […]

How Long Does it Take to Get a Fence Permit

Whether or not you need a permit to build or replace the fence depends on the specific local regulations. In some cases, minor repairs under a certain dollar value may not require a permit. How long you will get your permit depends on the local building department. The time period in which you will receive […]

what height is actually acceptable in your area

Privacy is one of the main perks of having a good fence. And generally, the taller the fence, the better the privacy. But the question is: how far can you go as far as fence height is concerned? In general, you cannot put a 6-foot fence in your front garden. If you want to install […]

Can You Build A Fence On An Easement

An easement is a right held by another entity to use part of your property. Easements are registered on your title. Thus, you will know where they are before you buy or start to build on a property. Yes, you can build on an easement. However, when the entity with the right to the easement […]

Can my neighbor paint my fence on his side

Disputes and wars about fences between neighbors are very common situations. Painting the fence is one of the things which can be an occasion for argument. Your neighbor can not paint your fence on his side unless his side of the fence falls on his side of the property line. In any other case if […]

Property line fence laws Massachusetts

For most neighbors, disagreements and conflicts from time to time is no big deal. However, when the conflict concerns boundary fence ownership or position, things can easily go overboard and become hostile. To help Massachusetts residents address such issues, the state passed a property line and fence law that landowners can follow. Do I need […]

Property Line Fence Laws Michigan

Understanding Michigan’s fence laws can help you avoid disputes over your property line fence. Neighbors often disagree over the use or ownership  or rights and responsibilities of a shared fence. Do I Need A Permit to Build A Fence in Michigan? You may be required to apply for a fence permit depending on where you […]

FAQ’s laws Maryland

Handling disputes with your neighbors about the fence and property line is never easy. Whether you want them to stop encroaching into your land or contribute to building a partition fence, how you tackle the matter is crucial. This is why every property owner should understand Maryland’s property line and fence laws. Here are some […]

Property line fence laws New Hampshire

It’s a good idea to get up to date with New Hampshire property line fence lawns before you erect or remove a fence. We cover encroachment laws, how close to a neighbor can build a fence to your property line and visa versa, as well as privacy fence height restrictions. How close to the property […]

fence law new jersey

If you’ve just moved into a new property in New Jersey, the property boundary conversation is one you must have with your neighbor. To avoid disputes, you also need to understand how the fence and property line laws in NJ address such matters. Here are some of the rights you should know as provided within […]