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Fencing rules and regulations are important to know before you install a fence.

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how close to the property line can a fence be

A property line indicates your property’s physical extent, and homeowners use it to separate lots and install fences. A property line can be a source of conflict between neighbors, and this is why knowing its location during a fence placement can prevent years of nasty disputes and bitter legal battles between you and your neighbor.   […]

FAQ’s wooden big fence

Property line fence disputes among neighbors aren’t a new thing in Colorado. Whether you’re living in an urban or rural area, fence conflicts are bound to occur at some point. When it happens, resolving the matter by negotiation and mediation is usually the best way to handle it. But if you can’t seem to agree, […]

Can my neighbor build a fence on the property line

When it comes to disputes regarding fencing, there’s a lot of grey areas that most California residents still don’t understand. But knowing these laws and regulations may come in handy if you’re ever in conflict with your neighbors. Among the most important laws you should keep in mind is the California Good Neighbors Fence Laws […]

Fence Etiquette Who gets the good side of the fence

Fence disputes among neighbors arise in cases where they disagree on the style of fence to install. Disputes with regard to the sharing of installation costs and the height of boundary fences are also common. And even after jumping through all the hoops that relate to the type, height, and cost of the fence, you […]

Do I need a permit to construct a fence good contructor

Privacy fences are a great way to block unsightly views, insulate from sound, and are effective at containing pets. And the taller the fence, the more effective it is at achieving these goals. Most local jurisdictions impose height limitations on fences which are generally capped at 6ft in residential areas. A privacy fence is normally […]

FAQ’s two neighbors drink

Fence disputes are common among neighbors especially when it comes time to pay. And in cases where they disagree as to which type or style of fence to install, things get even more complicated as one neighbor may balk at the idea of paying for a fence that they didn’t want in the first place. […]

Do I Need A Fence Permit Fence Laws 2021

If you are planning to build a fence around your homestead, then you should find out if you need a permit. This way you can avoid the risk of inadvertently breaking the law and having to pay a fine or removing the fence altogether. Local authorities (mostly at the county level) require that you apply […]

Can a neighbor remove a fence between property lines

Fencing disputes are a common source of conflict among neighbors. Sometimes, the conflict arises due to disagreements about the fencing materials used or the overall height of the fence. And at other times, it is about who shoulders the installation or maintenance costs. There are also cases of neighbors simply erecting fences with the aim […]

what does a purple fence mean

Walking past a purple fence is eye-catching. Usually, fences are painted colors like white or brown and the occasional black but seeing a purple-painted fence is not something you come by every day. But what does it mean? A purple fence means no trespassing. A property with its fence and border trees painted purple indicates […]

What Is a Spite Fence

Unfortunately, some of us don’t get along with our neighbors for a myriad of reasons. But some conflicts get escalated to the next level and the dividing fence sometimes gets used as ammunition. Just as the name suggests, a spite fence is one erected or maintained for the purpose of annoying a neighbor. It is […]

Who Is Responsible for the Fence

What do you do if your fence is in a bad state and you need it replaced or you are doing some renovations on your place and you just want a fresh look. It’s always good etiquette to talk to your neighbor before replacing the fence separating your properties. However if the fence is on […]