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Can a house with mold be sold?

For home buyers and home sellers alike, the idea of mold in the house is a particularly worrying one. Buyers are concerned that their dream home could be riddled with damaging, invasive mold, and sellers dread their property selling below market value thanks to a mold problem. So what happens if a house on the […]

Does a Landlord Have to Disclose Mold

Source: Flickr Landlords are legally obligated to provide safe and livable housing for their tenants, including addressing any mold issues that may arise. However, the question of whether a landlord is required to disclose the presence of mold to potential or current tenants is a bit more complicated. In the USA, while there isn’t a […]

Mold is both an environmental and a health hazard. Presence of mold and conditions that can cause mold to require immediate correction. Who is responsible for mold remediation in a rented home? Nebraska does not have state laws regarding mold cleaning. Landlords are responsible for ensuring that their property is livable and tenants have a […]

Who is responsible for mold in a Texas rental home? Landlord-tenant laws in Texas ascribe the duty to remove conditions that materially affect the health or safety of a tenant to the landlord. However, tenants must not have defaulted on rent, not caused the problem, and must report the problem to the landlord in writing. […]

Landlords must ensure that their tenants live in safe and habitable conditions. In many states, mold remediation is the landlord’s responsibility. In Missouri, mold removal is only the landlord’s responsibility if the tenant moves into a house with mold problems. Specific laws for landlords to remove mold in homes do not exist in the state. […]

Who holds the responsibility to remediate mold in a South Carolina rental house? South Carolina does not have laws governing mold inspection or remediation. However, current landlord-tenant laws require landlords to do whatever is reasonably necessary to maintain the premises in habitable conditions. Since there are no laws to force the landlord to clean up […]

Minnesota State mold laws

There are no legal requirements specific to mold in most residential buildings. However, Minnesota law requires that a landlord must provide an apartment that is habitable and in reasonable repair (Minn. Stat. § 504B). The purpose of this article is for landlords and tenants to better understand laws and their rights and responsibilities for mold. […]

Mississippi State mold laws

Mold is a widespread problem. If you plan to rent a property in Mississippi you must know your rights so you can protect yourself and your belongings in case of mold. Who is responsible for mold in Mississippi State? Under Mississippi law, a tenant must inform the landlord if he/she has actual knowledge of any […]

Massachusetts State Mold Laws

Mold affects both old and new homes so it is very important for the landlord to know how liable he is if the tenant claims there is mold in the rental property. Massachusetts doesn’t have any laws that specifically address mold prevention and remediation as a landlord’s duty or liability. This article will try to […]

Maryland mold removal laws landlord

The mold should be approached seriously, both the landlord and the tenant. No rental property is immune from a mold outbreak. It can always occur due to an unattended spill, faulty plumbing, or even a misdirected lawn sprinkler. According to Maryland law landlords from all regions are required to provide a safe and habitable apartment. […]

Michigan State Mold Laws

Mold can be found growing almost everywhere, inside and outdoors, year-round. A small amount of mold inside your apartment will not harm you at any cost, but if the problem becomes serious you must know how to react. Michigan doesn’t currently have any laws regarding mold in rental properties and no local laws regarding mold […]

Mold can be found everywhere, it is simply a naturally-occurring organism. Not that we don’t want to, but it is simply not possible to live in an environment that is completely mold-free. It is a legal obligation of Maine landlords to ensure the unit is habitable, and free from medical and safety threats, including mold, […]

The Louisiana State law requires landlords to maintain the rental property so it is safe and liveable with adequate heat, water, and electricity. Although there are no specific state laws in Louisiana regarding mold specifically, a rental property needs to be free of hazards. This includes lead, asbestos, and mold. If there are fundamental recurring […]