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repairing hole in drywall

Drywall is quite susceptible to damage like bumps, scuffs, holes, and water damage. No matter how careful you are, you will damage your drywall at some point.  On average, it costs about $50 to $75 per square foot to patch/repair holes in drywall. The average cost for the repairs costs about $130 to $225. A […]

skim coast drywall cost guide

Once you install drywall, you should decide the level of finish you want, depending on your budget and preference. Skim coating is usually level five of drywall finishing, and it involves applying a thin layer of joint compound. Skim coat conceals imperfections and creates a smooth, uniform surface ready for texturing or painting. The average […]

drywall water damage

Drywall is inexpensive and durable, but it is vulnerable to water damage. When water damage occurs, it is essential to repair it immediately to maintain your home’s integrity. Most drywall repairs cost between $70 and $400 on average. To repair drywall water damage, expect to pay about $240, with an average range of $75 to […]

Cost of Material Needed to Install Drywall Corner Bead Wallboard Tool

A drywall corner bead is one of those important components that must be installed regardless of the wall or materials used. It is that piece of straight metal, rigid paper, or vinyl bar installed on the outside corners of drywall to offer extra protection and create a smooth edge finish. Read on to find out […]

Cost to replace drywall installing in celling

Drywall material is the basis for walls and ceilings in most homes. It is faster to install, and it is more affordable than plaster. More so, drywall is now available in various types designed for specific rooms or places. The installation cost varies depending on the room’s size, job complexity, location, and finish option. Generally, […]

Cost to install ceiling drywall

Drywall is one of the most affordable materials for walls and ceilings, but costs can add up especially if you don know the best thicknesses for your purpose. On average, the cost to hang a ceiling is $2.6 per square foot, with a range of $2.25 to $3 per square foot. For a typical 10 […]

Cost to Finish Drywall

Drywall is the most common material for walls and ceilings for residential and commercial homes. It is affordable and reliable, making it a top choice for most people. The cost to finish drywall is between $1 and $1.65 per square foot. The actual cost to finish drywall depends on the type of finish, the complexity […]

Cost to Drywall a Ceiling

During any drywall project, drywalling a ceiling is usually one of the first but hardest tasks. However, it’s essential in ensuring that your house looks fantastic after the painting and finishing. The national average cost of hanging and attaching drywall on a ceiling is $1.75 – $3.50 per square foot. Your actual costs will depend […]

Cost to Drywall a Garage

When renovating your home, drywalling your garage can give you so much flexibility with how to transform it. It gives you a chance to get rid of that ugly garage look, and brighten it with some lighter and better colors. The average cost to drywall a garage is $2,113. The real range is $700 to […]

Cost to tape drywall joints

Drywall taping joints may be an easy task to complete, but it takes a careful craftsman’s hand to get good results in the overall finish. When considering this for your home, your first step should be budgeting for the materials, supplies, and labor. The average cost to tape and finish your drywall joints stands between […]

Drywall installation cost

Drywalling your home can be expensive, but to avoid getting ripped off, it’s a good idea to know the going rate before engaging a local contractor. Typically, the average cost to install drywall is $1,842, with the real range being $1,020 to $2,876. The price can be as low as $425 for small laundries and […]

3 Alternatives to drywall in basement room for repair

When drywalling your basement, there is a little more to take into account than if you were to replace drywall in a room. You need to first frame, add electrical outlets, insulation, and THEN you can hang the drywall. The cost of the drywall component when finishing a basement is around $1.50 – $4 per […]

Framing and Drywall Cost

The cost of framing and installing drywall determines the total cost of your building pr