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Cost to resurface wall and ceiling Drywall

Regardless of how well you installed your drywall, over time, cracks, holes, and dents might still appear on the walls or ceiling. This calls for you to take urgent action to repair them before they spread and become more costly to fix. The average cost to resurface your walls and ceiling in the country ranges […]

Cost to repair a crack in drywall

Drywall cracks typically appear within the first year of building construction and have varying degrees of difficulty to repair depending on their size. Unattended cracks in drywall reduce your home value and affect its structural integrity. Several factors determine your drywall repair scope, and this article addresses the cost implication of these factors on your […]

Cost to replace drywall with plaster

Drywall is just a cheaper and faster way to get the plaster look, but it is just not the same. To get a classic look, you’ll need to replace your drywall with plaster. The cost to plaster walls is approximately $2 to $10 per square foot. To replace drywall with plaster, expect to pay about […]

Cost to replace wood paneling with drywall

After several years, you may want to repair, revamp or replace your interior walls depending on their condition. If you would like to replace wood paneling with drywall, it is essential to know the project’s average cost. You can ask for several estimates from different contractors and make a comparison. On average, replacing wood paneling […]

Additional expenses for texturing a drywall using sponge

Modern trends lean towards flat and blank walls with color to make a room lively. However, adding unique textures to the ceilings or walls brings personality to the home. You don’t need to texture all the walls because even a single accent wall can change the room’s aesthetics. It costs about $1.25 per square foot […]

Difference between drywall and plaster

After several years, your home’s ceiling drywall may start to wear and tear. It is at this point that you should consider repairing it to maintain the integrity of your home. Most common ceiling repairs include water damage, cracks, and holes. The national average cost to repair ceiling drywall is about $85, with a typical […]

Cost to replace drop ceiling with drywall

Although your ceiling isn’t always the first thing a guest notices in your home, a drop ceiling is still an important design aspect of the house. But as it gets older, the drop ceiling quickly turns into an ugly disgraceful accessory that needs to be replaced. The national average for replacing your drop ceiling with […]

cost to hang sheetrock featured image

If you are remodeling your walls or installing new ones, sheetrock is the go-to drywall material for your project. This article takes you through the average price to hang sheetrock and other related costs. The national average cost to hang sheetrock is about $1.85 per square, with a range of $1.63 to $2.06 per square […]

repairing hole in drywall

Drywall is quite susceptible to damage like bumps, scuffs, holes, and water damage. No matter how careful you are, you will damage your drywall at some point.  On average, it costs about $50 to $75 per square foot to patch/repair holes in drywall. The average cost for the repairs costs about $130 to $225. A […]

skim coast drywall cost guide

Once you install drywall, you should decide the level of finish you want, depending on your budget and preference. Skim coating is usually level five of drywall finishing, and it involves applying a thin layer of joint compound. Skim coat conceals imperfections and creates a smooth, uniform surface ready for texturing or painting. The average […]