By completing the basement, you can enhance the livable area inside your residence and boost its overall worth. A house with a finished basement will entice a larger pool of potential buyers and command a higher price.

It costs about $24,000 on average to frame and finish a basement. The average range is between $2,800 to $34,000. The average cost per foot ranges from $7 – $25. Framing an existing basement costs $1 – $5 per square foot.

However, how much you will pay to frame and finish a basement depends on several factors, including project size, complexity, and quality of materials used.

Description Average cost
Cost to frame and finish a basement$2,800 - $34,000
Cost to frame and finish a basement (per square foot)$7 - $25
Cost to frame an existing basement (per square foot)$1 - $5
Cost To Frame and Finish a Basement

Quality of materials

The type of materials you use to finish your basement determines how much you will pay for the project.

High-quality materials cost more than low-quality materials. Type-X drywall costs more than ordinary drywall. If you use it to meet the building code requirements, your project will be expensive.

However, better quality materials provide for a visually appealing and proper structural finish.

Size of your basement

The larger your basement, the more you will pay to frame and finish it.

You will need more materials for a large basement than for a smaller one. Hence, you will pay more for the cost of materials and the entire project.

Also, you will pay more for labor to finish a larger basement. The larger the basement, the longer it takes to work on it, and the more you will pay for labor.


Hiring a professional contractor to finish your basement impacts the cost.

Depending on their skills and your requirements, professional charges for basement framing and finishing vary. Get three quotes or more to ensure that you hire within your budget for your expected results.

How much you pay a professional depends on the number of people you will need to work on your basement and the level of finishing you require. The better the finish, the more you will pay. Additionally, the more time spent on your project, the more you will pay.

You can save on the cost of labor by finishing the basement yourself if you have the skills and tools for the job.


Depending on where you live, you will need a permit to finish your basement. In many regions, your basement is considered part of the house which has to meet the building code.

Your location determines how much you pay for a basement finishing permit. Some locations are more expensive than others.

Consult a professional builder to help you in the permit application process. Preferably, let the contractor you hire get the permit for you.

Permits are also necessary since you will need to show them if you decide to sell your home.