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Chain Link Fence for Dogs Keep Your Canine Companions Safe & Secure

Chain link fences are a popular choice for pet owners who want to keep their dogs safe and secure. These fences are affordable, durable, and easy to install, making them a convenient option for many homeowners. . One of the main benefits of chain link fences for dogs is that they provide a clear boundary […]

Are Fences Covered by Insurance

Homeowners often wonder if their insurance covers fences. The answer is that it depends on the circumstances. Generally, a standard homeowners insurance policy covers damage to fences caused by sudden and unexpected events, such as storms, fallen trees, or vandalism. It’s important to note that fences are usually considered “other structures” under a homeowners insurance […]

What Are the Components of a Wood Fence

Perhaps the most classic option for homeowners, a wood fence is commonly known for its versatility and ability to provide privacy, security, and aesthetic appeal for outdoor spaces. There are many styles of wood fences, but they all have the same basic components. The main parts of a wood fence include the posts, rails, gates, […]

How To Remove Chain Link Fence

Removing a chain link fence would involve tools and some few easy-to-follow steps. These can include the preparation, the removal of clamps and bars, and the removal of the fence itself. If you have an old, unattractive chain link fence, it may be time to replace it with a new one. Upgrading your fence will […]

Filling gaps with wooden extensions

Have you ever noticed that pesky gap between your fence post and the house, leaving your property exposed to unwanted intruders or prying eyes? You’re not alone. There are multiple ways to fill the gaps between fence posts and your house, such as using wooden extensions, metal bars, plant-based solutions, decorative elements, or even gap-filling […]

lattice fence cost per ft.

The cost of lattice fencing varies depending on the material used, the height and length of the fence as well as terrain, among other features. On average, a lattice fence costs from $3.50 – $30.00 per linear foot for classic wooden designs. How Much is a Lattice Fence by Material type? Lattice fencing can be […]

DIY vs pro fence repairs

Not all fence materials and types are durable and invulnerable to the elements. They get rusty, damaged, or destroyed. If you ever notice your fence’s condition has declined, it may be time for a fence repair. Whether it’s a DIY or professional fence repair, you must be aware of the factors you have to consider. […]

Best fence for property value 2

A fence can add value to your home by providing privacy and improving its curb appeal. To do that, there are things you must consider like its style, material, height, and maintenance. The most popular fencing materials among homeowners include wood, metal, vinyl, masonry, and composite. The choice of fence you install around your home […]