There are a lot of purposes and solutions that wire fences can provide. Some property owners and homeowners use them for keeping animals safe in an assigned space, and others have them to have security away from predators.

As a ballpark average, you can expect to pay between the range of $1,250 to $8,000 to have a wire fence installed. On the other hand, the average cost for a fence post can range between $20 and $60.

While these may be the average cost range, the final fence post and wire fence cost would still depend on the type of post and fence that you want, the material that you prefer, the size of the project, and the quality of the fence that you want.

Post and Wire Fence Cost

Having a wire fence post could be for various reasons. Others utilize them for keeping poultry and livestock, others use them for additional privacy, and others have them to provide more security to their homes and properties.

Depending on the type and its inherent quality, the cost to install a wire fence can range between $1 to $8 per linear foot. The factors that can affect the cost can include the type of wire, the height of the fence, the posts, and the materials.

Wire fences are used for various reasons, and their prices also vary depending on the purposes and quality that they provide. Below are some of the wire fence types, and their average costs per foot.

Wire fence typeAverage cost per foot
Woven wire fence$1.48 to $1.85
Hog wire$0.75 to $3.25
Barbed wire (Livestock)$1.25 to $3.50
Chicken wire$2.00 to $4.00
Chain-link (4ft height)$7.00 to $12.00

Wire fence national average cost

There are a lot of contributing factors that affect the cost to install a wire fence. As the national average, you can expect to spend an average cost of $2,400 to have a wire fence installed on your property.

Although this may be the expected average, the cost can still vary depending on the material, the size of the project, and the quality of the fence. For the basis, below are the national averages depending on the quality of the wire fence.

DescriptionAverage Cost
Average Range$1,250 to $8,000
Low-End Wire Fence Installation Cost$836
High-End Wire Fence Installation Cost$12,500
National Average Cost$2,400

The figures above are calculated based on the average cost of installing a wire fence per linear foot, which ranges between $1 to $8.

Types of wire fencing and their cost per foot

Normally, the cost for installing a type of wire fence will depend on the type of fence that you want, the height of the fence, and the purposes that it shall serve.

For the basis, below are the estimated average cost and range costs for the various types of wire fences.

Barbed wire fence

This type of fence is typically made of steel and is commonly used for safekeeping livestock and cattle in a given area.

People or animals that attempt to pass or break the barbed wire are instantly repelled by the sharp and pointed bards that can inflict injury, giving effective security against predators and intruders.

For barbed wire fences, there are two types: security and livestock.

For reference, below are the average prices for barbed wire fences:

DescriptionAverage Cost
Barbed Wire Fence per foot (Livestock)$1.25 to $3.50 per foot
Barbed Wire Fence per foot (Security/Razor)$1 to $3 per foot
Barbed Wire (Construction)

5 strands


For a 1,300-foot fence
Barbed Wire Fence

Chicken wire fence

Chicken wire fences are commonly used for its flexible, strong, and durable characteristics.

Named after its most common purpose, chicken wire fences are also used to keep squirrels, rabbits, mice, and other small animals contained in an area.

The average cost to install a chicken wire fence can range between $2 to $4.50 per linear foot.

Chicken Wire Fence

Hog wire fence

Although primarily used for creating pens and containing hogs, hog wire fences are also used for residential purposes.

Most of the time, hog wires are attached to wooden fences after being framed with wood. This adds an aesthetic factor, especially in residential areas.

The average cost to install a hog wire fence can range between $3 to $5.

Hog Wire Fence

Chain-link wire fence

Chain-link wire fences are known due to their lightweight characteristic and their affordability. While lightweight, they are also sturdy enough to make an effective boundary for animal spaces, and properties.

Chain-link wire fences can also be paired with barbed wire to have additional security.

The average cost of chain link fence installation is $2,350 depending on the height and style being installed.

DescriptionAverage Cost per linear foot
Chain Link Fence (4ft height)$7 to $12
Additional Height$1 to $2
Additional Privacy Slats$3 to $5
Additional Fabric Screen$3
Chain link Wire Fence

Woven wire fence

Also referred to as “sheep fencing” or “page wire”, woven wire fences are wire nets of lightweight intersecting horizontal and vertical wires. They are usually stretched and attached to opposite stakes.

This type of fencing is common for safekeeping goats, pigs, and sheep.

Some people add barbed wire at the top to improve its effectiveness and improve security.

DescriptionAverage Cost
Woven Wire Fence$1.48 to $1.85 per linear foot
Woven Wire Fence

100 feet long; 5 feet height

2” x 4” mesh
$180 per roll
Woven Wire (4ft by 300ft)

330 feet length; 4 feet height

6” by 6” mesh
$189 per roll
Woven Wire Fence

Fence post cost by material

In installing a fence, the expense for the posts are usually included in the total cost of the project. However, in situations where you only need to replace or if you want to extend the fence, the cost for the fence posts will be billed separately.

On average, you can expect to spend somewhere around the range of $20 to $60 for the fence post and the installation. The cost will differ depending on the initial type of fence, and the material of the fence post that you have chosen.

In choosing the type of post that you want for your fence, you should first consider the characteristics of the wire fence, including the necessary post that you should pair it with.

Wood fence post

Some wood fence posts have decorative tops and are usually used for mesh wire or wooden frames.

This type also comes in different thicknesses and serves best for livestock safekeeping.

The average cost to have a wooden fence post is around $20 to $50 per post.

Metal fence post

There are a variety of kinds of metal posts that you can choose, depending on the necessary construction. You can choose from thin rods to more solid pieces.

Thinner metal posts are used for lightweight fencing, and the counterpart is used for heavier and sturdier fencing.

Normally, metal posts are more durable compared to wood fences. They also require less maintenance; however, they can be less versatile and less appealing compared to wood fences.

The average cost for a metal fence post is between $25 to $60 each.

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