About – Ben McInerney

Ben is a serial entrepreneur who has founded sites like GoTreeQuotes and GoSolarQuotes.
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Ben is a serial internet entrepreneur and the founder of websites such as GoTreeQuotes, GoSolarQuotes and HomeGardenGuides.

Ben Started his professional career as a working arborist, but decided to shift his attention to helping customers on a wider scale and founded GoTreeQuotes.

Ben has now sort the ecpertise of landscapers, painters, fencing experts and the likes to put together a more comprehensive guide to answer all home renovation and maintenance questions.


My work story begins with a lawn and garden maintenance business while studying Arboriculture to become an arborist. With these new skills, the business quickly grew and was renamed The Tree Man Arborist Services as Ben reslized the potential of just focusing on trees.

– Busy Bee Lawn Mowing
– The Tree Man Arborist Services in 2003
– Founded GoTreeQuotes.com.au in late 2015
– Took it international with GoTreeQuotes.com in 2018
– Founded GoSolarQuotes.com.au in 2019
– Founded HomeGardenGuides in early 2021

With the public shifting their attention the the internet to answer all their questions about trees, plumbing, landscaping and more, I quickly relized that the more questions I could answer and the more customers I could help the quicker I could grow my business.

A famous saying among entrepreneurs is “To get everyhting you want in life, you ned to first help as many people as posible get what they want”.

THe key to success in business is to help as many people as you can without wanting anything in return. The returns will come on their own. This philosphy has proven to be true in my business.