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Mow Wet Grass

When it comes to mowing wet grass, opinions are divided. Some say it’s fine to mow wet grass as long as you take certain precautions, while others insist that it’s never a good idea. Generally, mowing grass is not recommended for several reasons. Those reasons include the risk of electric shock, slipping and falling, and […]

What Do You Do With the Plugs After Aeration

There is no doubt that the plugs left after aeration make the lawn look unsightly. Some homeowners prefer to rake away the plugs, while others prefer to leave them in the yard. But what is the best practice? Experts recommend leaving the plugs on your lawn after aeration. The plugs will break down naturally after […]

Characteristics of Zoysia grass

Most Zoysia grass varieties are quite vigorous, producing large rhizomes, stolons, and foliage that tend to be resistant to decay. As a result, Zoysia has a strong propensity to thatch. If left unchecked, the thatch can suffocate your lawn to death! It is imperative to dethatch your Zoysia grass lawn to keep it in top […]

Hydroseeding vs Sod Cost Pros & Cons of Both

If you have just bought a new residential or commercial property or are finally ready to make your neighbors green with envy over your lawn, you may be wondering whether to hydroseed or lay sod. The method you choose will depend mainly on your budget and preferences. Hydroseeding and sodding are excellent lawn establishment methods, […]

What is the best fertilizer for your lawn

For a healthy-looking yard, you need the right fertilizer for your lawn. The right amount of nutrients ensures that the grass is thick and green. Is 19 19 19 a good fertilizer for your lawn? 19-19-19 is an all-purpose garden fertilizer. Therefore, it is suitable for use on your lawn. It contains 19% of Nitrogen, […]

What Are the Disadvantages of Hydroseeding

Hydroseeding is a sophisticated way of establishing your lawn. The slurry contains a mixture of grass seeds, mulch, fertilizer, and a tackifier. Hydroseeding is excellent for large spaces and is way cheaper than laying sod. While hydroseeding has so many advantages, it also has a fair share of disadvantages. Some of the most outstanding cons […]

Lawngrass Zoysia Grass

Picking a drought-resistant type of grass is one of the best decisions you can make to ensure that you have a green, lush lawn all year round. The best drought-resistant grasses are Zoysia, Bermuda grass, and Buffalo. Here are some other all-star grasses that stand out on your lawn even during prolonged droughts: St Augustine […]

cost to hydroseed a quarter acre lot infographic

Are you wondering how much it would cost to hydroseed your ¼-acre lawn? While hydroseeding is costlier than traditional seeding, it is a faster and more convenient option for establishing larger lawns. More so, it is cheaper than sodding. Typically, an average US lawn size is ¼ acre (about 10,500 square feet), which costs about […]

Bermuda grass

When choosing grass for your Utah lawn, ensure to get drought-resistant grass. Consider the climate and time of planting. Drought-resistant grass does not need a lot of water and it can survive even in sunny weather. Bermuda grass is a warm-season grass that is suitable for Utah weather. Its deep and extensive root system makes […]

Hydroseeding Cost per Sq Foot

Hydroseeding is a cheaper and faster alternative to laying traditional sod. It is more expensive than regular seeding, but it involves much less work, making it a more convenient way to grow your lawn. On average, homeowners spe