There are several reasons why someone might choose to install a wire fence. For some, it’s a way to ensure animals stay within a specific area, while for others, it’s about enhancing the security around their property. Moreover, there are those who select wire fences as a method to achieve a certain level of privacy, all the while maintaining visibility.

Installing a wire fence, depending on its type and the quality, would range from about $1 to $8 per foot. The cost depends on the type of wire, and the height of the desired fence.

Wire fences are best used in gardening and agriculture when you prioritize protecting your plants, crops, or livestock, instead of getting a high-end fence that provides total privacy.

Wire fence typeAverage cost per foot
Chain link (4ft height)$7.00 - $12.00
Barbed wire (Livestock)$1.25 - $3.50
Woven wire fence$1.48 - $1.85
Chicken wire$2.00 - $4.0
Hog wire$0.75 - $3.25
Woven wire$1.48 - $1.85

The cost for installing a wire fence could vary depending on the type of material, the type of wiring, the height of the desired fence, and the purposes you want it to serve.

For reference, below are the ballpark average cost and average range costs for the types of wire fences.

Chain link wire fence

  • Inexpensive and lightweight, yet strong enough to create an effective boundary marker for properties, pet spaces, and small livestock.
  • It provides security especially when paired with barbed wire.
DescriptionAverage Cost per linear foot
Chain Link Fence (4ft height)$7 to $12
Additional Height$1 to $2
Additional Privacy Slats$3 to $5
Additional Fabric Screen$3
1.Chain Link Wire Fence

Barbed wire fence

  • Made of steel and is usually used for keeping livestock and cattle contained in an area.
  • Animals or people trying to pass or break through the barbed wire are repelled by the pointed barbs that can cause injury, providing effective security from predators or intruders.
  • There are two types of barbed wires: livestock and security. The prices below will indicate both types.
DescriptionAverage Cost
Barbed Wire Fence per foot (Livestock)$1.25 to $3.50 per foot
Barbed Wire Fence per foot (Security/Razor)$1 to $3 per foot
Barbed Wire (Construction)

5 strands


For a 1,300-foot fence
2.Barbed Wire Fence

Chicken wire fence

  • Flexible, strong, and durable
  • While the chicken wire is commonly used to secure poultry, this type of fencing can also keep rabbits, mice, squirrels, and other small animals. They can also be used to reinforce concrete.
  • The average