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cable deck railing sunset

A cable railing system will vary in price depending on the posts and cable used. The most common posts are wood, aluminum and stainless steel. Cable deck railing will cost you about $55 per linear foot on average. For a standard 400 sq ft. deck with 60 linear feet of decking edge, you can expect […]

Glass Deck Railing Cost 2022 Guide

While there are many options available in the market, glass railings are by far one of the best materials you can install if you’re looking for a low-maintenance yet modern look. The national average for installing glass railings stands at around $485 per linear foot. The actual price, however, ranges between $250 on the low […]

Wood Deck Railing Cost

Wood is still the preferred material for deck railings among most property owners. This is because it offers a unique visual appeal at a very affordable cost. A 10-foot deck railing made of wood will cost you an average of $300 to professionally install. This translates to about $30 per linear foot. This price can […]

Wrought Iron Deck Railing Cost

Wrought iron is a strong metal alloy that makes attractive deck railings. It costs $50-$120 per linear foot for wrought iron materials. Depending on the size of your project, you will pay $300-$1000 for labor. On average, a wrought iron deck railing installation project costs $2,600. Wrought iron railings are suitable for use both inside […]

Aluminum Deck Railing Cost

An aluminum deck is a cost-effective way to build an appealing deck for your home. How much you pay for your aluminum deck railing depends on the size of your house, the cost of materials, and labor. Aluminum deck railing costs $48 to $95 per linear foot to install. On average, you can expect to […]

Wood Deck Railing Cost

Deck railing costs less than deck installation. How much you pay for deck railing depends on the size of your deck and the materials you choose for your railing. Installing rails on your deck makes it safer to use and more attractive. It costs $1,000 to $6,000 to install railings on a deck. The design, […]

Cost of Vinyl Deck Railing Compare Prices Now

Vinyl railings are a great alternative to wood railings since they don’t require staining or painting every few years. The overall cost to install vinyl deck railing, installed by a professional, varies from $18.00 to $39.00 per linear foot with an average price of $28.5 per linear foot. If you consider all the cost factors […]