Wrought iron is a strong metal alloy that makes attractive deck railings.

It costs $50-$120 per linear foot for wrought iron materials. Depending on the size of your project, you will pay $300-$1000 for labor. On average, a wrought iron deck railing installation project costs $2,600.

Wrought iron railings are suitable for use both inside and outside of your house. It can also be used on balconies and porches.

Wrought Iron Deck Railing Cost


In addition to the wrought iron railings, you will also purchase balusters, decorative posts, handrails, bottom rails, and other hardware needed to install the wrought iron deck railing.

The more materials you need, the more money you will pay for your wrought iron deck railing installation.

Size Of Your Deck

The larger your deck, the more materials you need, and the higher your installation costs. You will pay more to install wrought iron deck railings on a large deck than on a smaller deck.

Style Of Your Deck Railing

Plain black wrought iron railings are cheaper than railings in other colors. Further, galvanized deck railings

The style of balusters in your deck will also determine how much you pay. Decorative balusters will cost more than plain balusters.

You will pay more to have a custom-made wrought iron deck railings design.

Decorative Wrought Iron Deck Railings

Cost Of Installation

How much you pay for installation is a major factor in the final cost of your wrought iron deck railings. Depending on the size of your home, you can pay up to $4000 for the installation of wrought iron deck railings. The labor cost per hour of work done ranges from $65-$100.

Installing wrought iron deck railings is a labor-intensive task. It will most often require a professional to handle it. You may want to DIY, but you need welding tools and skills to properly install wrought iron deck railings.

Existing Or Replacement Railings

The cost of installing new wrought iron deck railings is cheaper than installing replacement railings. When replacing old and worn-out railings, you will have to pay for the cost of materials, removal, and re-installation of the new deck railings.

Railings are safety tools. Without them, your deck is not safe to use. Replace or repair your deck railings early to avoid accidents.

Advantages Of Wrought Iron Deck Railings


Wrought iron deck railings are long-lasting. As a metal alloy, the process of creating wrought iron makes it hard. Thus, it is not easy to break. As a metal, wrought iron has a long lifetime of service as your deck railing.

Easy To Customize

If you want your deck railings to stand out, wrought iron is the best to use. It is malleable and easy to design into unique shapes, styles, and designs.

Easy To Maintain

Wrought iron deck railing needs to be maintained. If it is painted, you will have to paint it regularly to keep it looking new. Wipe off dust with soapy water and cloth to keep it shiny every day

classic style wrought iron deck railing front porch

Cons Of Wrought Iron Deck Railing


Wrought iron is expensive. Customized wrought iron deck railing materials are on the high side of the price spectrum. Labor costs to install wrought iron railings are also quite high.

A wrought iron railing installation project is an expensive project. 

Affected By Weather

Outdoor wrought iron railings will corrode by the impact of weather. Sun, rain, and cold winters affect the wrought iron railings on your deck causing them to rust. You will need to apply new coats of paint to the railings to keep them looking new.

Cost Comparison For Wrought Iron Deck Railings And Other Material



Aluminum is a hard material, making it a suitable material for deck railings. It is durable and can last for up to 50 years. It costs $40-$70 to install aluminum deck railings on your deck. Aluminum deck railings require little maintenance to keep their shine.


Steel posts deck railing are a popular metal railing material. You will pay $30-$80 to install steel deck railings. Steel deck railings last for over 25 years.


It costs $50-$75 to install wood deck railings. Unlike metal materials, wood deck railings need more maintenance. They need regular painting and staining. It ensures that they keep away pests and, that they do not rot.

white wood and wrough iron deck railing


Like wrought iron, glass deck railings are useful to enhance the visual appeal of your home. Glass is clear and strong. It provides elegance and beauty to the buildings it is installed in. Installing glass deck railing costs $100 – $600.

DIY Or Hire A Pro

Wrought iron is a malleable and easy metal to handle. However, it is heavy and requires more than one person to install it perfectly. A DIY installation enables you to save on installation costs. However, it may not be possible to do it when installing wrought iron deck railings.

Besides time, you need the right skills and tools to DIY a wrought iron deck railing installation.

Hiring a pro makes the process speedy and efficient. Pros are fully licensed and insured. They also have the tools and skills to complete the job in a few hours, rather than a whole weekend.

A pro will also ensure that your deck meets the building codes as required in your region. They will also offer advice on the best methods to install and maintain deck railings.

Wrought iron deck railing

Use This Free Tool

HomeGardenGuides.com is a free tool that connects you to pro deck railing installers fast.

Enter your zip code at the top of the tool.

Then, fill the subsequent form with details of your deck railing installation project.

Your details will then be sent to several pros who are near you.

You will then receive at least three quotes for the job with no obligation to hire.


Yes, you need a permit to build your deck and install railings. Consult a pro or visit your local government office to find out the permits you need. How much you will pay for the permit depends on where you live.

In addition to the permit, you will also need an inspection. Building inspectors will check that your house is suitable to install a deck in. Once you have completed the deck, building inspectors will come back to inspect that it meets the prescribed building codes.

Thus, it is best to engage a pro to build and install the wrought iron deck railings for you to avoid unnecessary additional costs. Pros are aware of the existing building codes in your area.

Wrought iron deck railings are not maintenance-free. They need to be properly looked after for them to serve you for a long time and maintain their hue and shine. Painting wrought iron deck railings are the best method of maintaining them.

Make sure to paint them at least twice a year. This ensures that the deck railings will not corrode. It also helps you to hide any scratches that they may get as the deck is used. Also, make sure to wipe them clean with a soft cloth and soapy water.

With proper care and maintenance, wrought iron deck railings last for 30 to 50 years. Many wrought iron deck railing manufacturers will offer a 30-year warranty for your deck railings.

Since wrought iron is a metal, it is likely to last longer than wood and vinyl, and other common deck railing materials.

Decks are additional extensions to your home or a building. Once the deck is built, it needs to match the standards of the main building or home. Thus when adding deck railing, you need to consider aesthetic value.

One of the most aesthetically pleasing deck railing materials is wrought iron. Wrought iron is malleable and you can easily make customized deck railings. Come up with a unique shape for your railings and have the manufacturer make them for you.

Additionally, decks should be safe to use. They should be made with high-quality material and have a firm foundation. Deck railings help to enhance the safety of the deck. Strong deck railings such as wrought iron railings are required to keep users of the deck safe.

Wrought iron deck railings are suitable for both the exterior and the interior of a home. You can have them on your outdoors as deck railings and have them as railings for your indoor staircase.

Wrought iron railings are both attractive and strong. Indoors, wrought iron railings will enhance the beauty of your home. They will also ensure that you have a strong staircase that can easily support the young and the old,

With the proper care, you can keep your in-house wrought iron railings looking good and strong over a long time.

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