Black aluminum fences bring a sense of timeless charm when used to enclose a house or pool area. While they may not offer a high level of security, they do offer aesthetic appeal.

The cost of a black aluminum fence ranges from $3,111 to $6,753. Aluminum fencing is affordable, durable, and demands little upkeep. It requires an average cost of $4,932 covering the purchase and labor for the installation of a black aluminum fence.

Black aluminum fence cost by type

Depending on the type and purpose for which the fencing is intended, the cost per foot of aluminum fencing is highlighted in the table below.

Black aluminum fencing typeCost per ft. (materials only)
Powder-Coated Fence$13 - $45
Pool Fence$15 - $25
Ornamental Fence$15 - $55
Picket Fence$15 - $75
Privacy Fence$24 - $32
Black Aluminum Fence$24 - $32

Black aluminum fence price by quality of panels

The average cost of aluminum fencing (materials and labor) for an average aluminum panel is shown in the table below: