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pine fence

Wooden fences are a durable and affordable fencing option beloved by millions of homeowners for their natural beauty and timeless elegance, which cannot be easily replicated by the more expensive vinyl and aluminum fences. Cedarwood fulfills all the requirements for being the best wood choice for most fencing projects. Cedar is an excellent wood option […]

Best fence for property value 2

A fence can add value to your home by providing privacy and improving its curb appeal. To do that, there are things you must consider like its style, material, height, and maintenance. The most popular fencing materials among homeowners include wood, metal, vinyl, masonry, and composite. The choice of fence you install around your home […]

Hog wire fence cost

Originally used to keep hogs in the pen, hog panels are very strong, and they are sure to do a very good job as a fence for keeping small animals safe and contained in an area. A hog wire is made of strong, welded material that can be used as a fence option to contain […]

Hog Wire Fence With Metal Posts Cost

Commonly used as a fence that can help create pens and contain hogs, hog wire fences are among the most versatile and flexible types of fences that can also be used for residential purposes. You can also opt for a metal post as an alternative to the wooden posts that a hog wire is often […]

Hog Wire Fence Ideas

Hog wire fences are popular for their purposes of creating pens, containing hogs, and for their versatility in residential purposes. They are then attached to a wooden frame and stretched on wooden fences for a visual appeal in residential yards. As a type of fence that is made of multiple lengths of twisted wire, the […]

Pros Cons of Wrought Iron Fences Plus Possible Alternatives

Wrought iron is a tough metal that may be used to create a long-lasting and sturdy fence. There’s a lot to love about wrought iron fences, including their extremely strong and durable nature, attractive finish, and their versatile and timeless design. However, there are a few things that may discourage you including a high price […]

1. Board on board privacy fence

A privacy fence adds an essential layer of security and privacy screening. The best privacy fence types are durable, inexpensive, and low-maintenance fences that provide excellent screening and security. Wood and vinyl are the most popular privacy fences and are available with an extensive range of customizations to suit your personal style. some common materials […]

Arched Top

Wrought iron fences not only define your property line, and give your home a high-end and luxurious look. They also offer years of unmatched strength and security. The only limitation to fencing with wrought iron is the price point but the pros of this iron fence are absolutely worthwhile. There are various wrought iron fence […]

Corrugated Metal and Brick Fence

If you are looking for a unique type of fence lighter than wrought iron, with a striking appearance, and offers more privacy than the chain-link fence, the corrugated metal fence is an excellent affordable option. A corrugated metal fence can be paired with brick, steel, wood, wire, concrete wall, or border plants to give a […]

Board on board

By a residential fence is meant a structure or a barrier erected in a residential district intended to provide security, mark a boundary, or as a means of landscaping with the centerline of such barrier to be located inside the designated property line. The types of residential fences can be divided into several groups such […]

Split Rail Fence Gate Ideas Cost And Local Contractors

Split rail fences are popular fences and have been used for ages in rural neighborhoods. They are popular for their affordability and how easy they are to build. They can have wire mesh included or left with open spaces between the rails. Split rail fences have different types of gates. Some of the gates used […]

Bamboo Fence

Choosing the fencing for your front yard is not as hard as people make it out. First, you only need to decide your preferred style, materials and define your budget and privacy level; then, you can pick the best option from an array of options. Do you want to fence your front yard but don’t […]