Choosing the ideal fence for your front yard does not have to be overwhelming. All you need to do is determine your preferred style, materials, budget, and desired level of privacy. Once you have these factors decided, you can easily select the perfect option from a range of choices.

Do you want to fence your front yard but don’t know the best alternative that enhances the privacy of your home? Below are 12 front yard privacy fence ideas, including split rail fencing, wooden privacy fencing, chain link fencing, picket fencing, and more. We discuss why each would be a great option and how much you can expect to spend.

As one of the longest-lasting fencing options, vinyl fencing provides you value for your money. There’s a lot to love about vinyl fencing, especially in your front yard. This includes vinyl’s natural appearance that resembles wood fencing, minimal maintenance needs, and a relatively simple installation process.

The cost to install a vinyl fence is $3,800 on average. This is depending on location, project size, and finish options.

Vinyl Fencing

Aluminum Privacy Fence

Aluminum is a lightweight metal that’s malleable and easy to install in the front yard. Aluminum fences come in limitless designs and colors, allowing you to match the barrier to your home’s theme and style.

The fences offer adequate security to keep intruders at bay and are more durable than wire and wood fences. Unfortunately, you will have to dig deeper into your pockets to install an aluminum fence. The low-end cost of installation is $2,500 whole the high-end cost is $12,500.

Aluminum Privacy Fence

Bamboo Fence

You are lucky if you live in warmer climates because you can easily grow a bamboo fence along your property line. Don’t fret if the climate in your area of residence does not allow you to plant bamboo trees, as you can go with dried bamboo fencing that’s available in rolls or panels.

Bamboo is very beautiful, and you can mix it with other materials, like brick or concrete, to create a unique modern look. Installing a bamboo fence is ranges between $12 and $23 per linear foot, which is cheaper than vinyl and picket fencing.

Bamboo Fence

Chain-link Fencing

Chain-link front yard fencing is