Wrought iron fences not only define your property line, and give your home a high-end and luxurious look. They also offer years of unmatched strength and security. The only limitation to fencing with wrought iron is the price point but the pros of this iron fence are absolutely worthwhile.

There are various wrought iron fence designs influenced by the shape, patterns, and sometimes the color you choose for your fence. You can also customize your fence design to take on a unique shape, pattern, and color.

Here are some wrought iron fence designs that will stand out despite your home’s style.

Arched Top

Arched Top

If you are going for a classical or historical look for your fence, which is reminiscent of the ancient buildings in Greece and Rome, go for a wrought iron fence with an arched top. Ornamentation of the wrought iron allows you to choose from a wide range of arches.

The varieties are pretty endless. They include:

  • A semi-circular arch at the top of the fence
  • A gentle arch that extends across a double gate
  • An arch that is finished with sharp finials to provide extra security
  • A higher arch to make the design more classic than modern
  • An arched top with very elaborate rails or double rails with pickets or simple circles in between

You can also merge the arch with white stone for your entryway gate posts in your fence to amplify the classical feel more. The characteristic classical aspect of the arch often accessories historical homes, such as Georgians as well as neo-classical buildings.

Straight Top

Straight Top

A great alternative to the arched top is the straight top.

Like the arched top, the straight top can also come with the double rail on top but has a slight difference in the ironwork between the rails. The ironwork is often simpler with either pickets or circles, or it can have geometric grid patterns.

If you are going for a more modern design, the straight top is ideal for any contemporary-style house. This is because; the overall design is very minimalistic.

To bump up the fence’s security because it misses the slippery slope of the arc, which prevents climbing, the straight top design has sharp and pointed finials.

Closed Iron Metal Fence

Closed Iron Metal Fence

If privacy is a significant aspect of your fence, consider a closed metal fence which is quite different from most wrought iron fences.

Most iron fences have top and bottom rails, which traverse between the fence posts. This enables a person from the outside to easily see the inside of your home because of the pickets that fill the vertical area between the fence posts.

On the other hand, the manufacturers of a closed wrought iron fence cover the fence with a metal that is similar to the shape of the fence. Therefore, the pickets and the ornamentation which characterize the iron fence will not be altered.

Fleur-de-lis Pattern

Fleur de lis Pattern

The Fleur-de-lis design is more common in French architecture.

‘Fleur’ in French means flower, while ‘lis’ is French for lily. This design takes its resemblance from a flower with curved ends, which French Royalty mostly used to symbolize heraldry and religious unity.

Its aged grandeur is attributed to its roughened surface and the muted variegated coloring blends perfectly with a vibrant greenery background.

Over time, the Fleur-de-lis design has continued to be stylized and embellished to add to its individuality and character. You can enhance the character of the Fleur-de-lis further by adding scrolls, swirls, and floral accents.

Ball Top Finish

Ball Top Finish

An iconic contemporary look is easily achieved by mounting a ball top finia