Wrought iron is a durable material ideal for constructing a sturdy and enduring fence.

There’s a lot to love about wrought iron fences, including their extremely strong and durable nature, attractive finish, and their versatile and timeless design. However, there are a few things that may discourage you including a high price point, high maintenance, and the fact that they are not suitable for steep slopes.

In this article, we will explore the pros and cons of a wrought iron fence, mention a few of the factors you must consider when choosing the suitable fencing material, and finish by discussing a few alternative fencing materials you can use.

Pros Cons of Wrought Iron Fences Plus Possible Alternatives

Pros of Wrought Iron Fences

Although there are plenty of other alternatives, you should consider this fence type because:

It’s Strong and Durable

Wrought iron is among the strongest materials used to construct solid and extremely durable fences. Other types of fences tend to degrade over time; however, when the steel and iron construction is appropriately coated, the fence should outlast you.

This hard metal can withstand strong winds and dangerous weather and handle any shock or vibration without deteriorating or buckling. In addition, it is close to impossible for fire or water to penetrate this kind of fence.

Additionally, this fencing allows for optional welding of the panels to the post, which offers more strength, resulting in the fence being even more durable. In this case, I’m talking decades or even a lifetime of not replacing your fence.

Bumps up Security

This fencing material offers limitless security, which is attributed to its strength. Its strength helps prevent simple destruction, which other fencing types can fall prey to.

Climbing this upright picket and rail construction is also quite tricky, unlike other fences such as the wood, which can give hand and footholds.

High-end Aesthetics

One of the major reasons many people love wrought iron fences is that they portray a sophisticated and high-end look, which many other fencing options cannot match up to.

While other fencing types serve the same purpose as steel and iron construction, they are more functional than appealing to the eye. The fence compliments a home, making it more attractive, and improving its curb appeal.