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Will Wooden Fence Posts Rot in Concrete

Wooden fence posts are a popular choice for homeowners who want to add privacy and security to their property. However, a common concern for fence posts is whether they will rot when set in concrete. While it is true that wooden fence posts can rot when set in concrete, there are steps that can be […]

How To Remove Chain Link Fence

Removing a chain link fence would involve tools and some few easy-to-follow steps. These can include the preparation, the removal of clamps and bars, and the removal of the fence itself. If you have an old, unattractive chain link fence, it may be time to replace it with a new one. Upgrading your fence will […]

Filling gaps with wooden extensions

Have you ever noticed that pesky gap between your fence post and the house, leaving your property exposed to unwanted intruders or prying eyes? You’re not alone. There are multiple ways to fill the gaps between fence posts and your house, such as using wooden extensions, metal bars, plant-based solutions, decorative elements, or even gap-filling […]

how many feet of fencing for a 1 acre lot

How many feet is a 1-acre lot and how many feet of fence do you need for land this size? These are common questions in matters of land. 1 acre of land is 43,560 square feet which gives it a linear circumference of 835 feet. Thus, you will need 835 feet of fence for a […]

Fence post spacing diagram

How many fence posts do you need for an acre of land? The number of posts required to fence an acre of land depends on the spacing of the posts. To find the number of posts you need for an acre, you divide the fence length by the spacing and add one post. On average, […]

How Many 8 foot Sections of Fence to Enclose A 1 Acre Lot

8-foot section fences are easy to install. It makes them a leading fence material for all types of land. How many do you need to fence a 1-acre lot? An acre of land is 43,560 square feet. The circumference of a 1 acre lot is 739.8 linear feet. Divide the length by 8 to get […]

How Many Feet OF Fence For 1 4 Acre Lot

Landowners want to know the cost of fencing 1/4 acre lot of land. You need to first find out the actual footage of your land. A one-acre lot measures 43,560 square feet. A 1/4 acre lot is 10,890 square feet. The square root of 10,890 gives you the length of the sides. Therefore, the sides […]

How Many Feet OF Fence For ½ Acre Lot

Many landowners want to know the cost of fencing ½ acre lot of land. You need to first find out how many feet your land is. A 1/2 acre lot is 21,780 square feet and 418 linear feet around the perimeter. This means you will need 418 feet of fencing material for 1/2 an acre […]

How Deep To Dig Fence Post Holes

One of the primary strengths of any fence is the depth. The deeper fence posts go into the ground, the stronger the fence is. Another consideration is the fence height and the type of posts in use. As a rule, the depth of fence post holes should be half the height of the finished posts. […]