8-foot section fences are easy to install. It makes them a leading fence material for all types of land. How many do you need to fence a 1-acre lot?

An acre of land is 43,560 square feet. The circumference of a 1 acre lot is 739.8 linear feet. Divide the length by 8 to get the number of fence sections required:

739.8 / 8 = 92.

Therefore, you need 92 x 8-foot sections to fence all around a square 1-acre lot.

How Many 8 foot Sections of Fence to Enclose A 1 Acre Lot

How many fence posts are needed for a 1 acre lot?

Square feet in 1 acre43,560
Linear feet in 1 acre739.8
Number of 8 ft sections needed92
Number of posts needed93

What is the cheapest fence material

Fence materials cost from $1 to $50 per foot. Purchase your fence materials according to your budget.

Fence MaterialCost per foot
Post and Wire$1 - $6
Hog wire$3 - $5
Barbed wire$1.5 - $6
Post and rail$11 - $34
PVC or vinyl$18 - $39
Composite fence$25 - $57
Chain link fence$12 - $30
Aluminum$28 - $55
Wrought iron fence$28 - $55

Is it cheaper to DIY or hire a pro to install a fence

Depending on the type of fence you want to install, DIY is always the cheaper option.

You can opt for DIY to save on costs. However, if you do not have the skills to install a fence, it is better to hire a pro.

You are likely to make errors at installation. Errors may cause you to hire a pro to repair.

While it may be expensive to hire a pro, your fence is installed faster and correctly. You may not have to suffer a loss if there is an installation error.

Is it cheaper to DIY or hire a pro to install a fence

Hire a pro to install your fence

Homegardenguides.com is a free tool to hire professional fence installation service providers.

It connects homeowners to professionals in the following easy steps.

  1. Enter your zip code at the top of the tool.
  2. Fill in the form to provide more details about the fence installation service you need.
  3. You will receive three or four quotes and advice from professional fence installers.
  4. Contact and hire a service provider that falls within your budget.

How to save money on your fencing project

  • Choose affordable fencing materials.
  • Make accurate estimates on the size of the land to purchase the right amount of fence materials.
  • Choose a moderate style on your fence. The more elegant the fence, the more expensive it is.
  • DIY fence installation.
  • Hire affordable professionals to install your fence.
  • Carry out some tasks by yourself to save on the amount of money you pay to professional installers.
  • Get at least three quotes from professional fence installers to hire one within your budget.

Factors to consider when choosing a fence

Purpose of the fence

Fences are installed for many purposes. Residential fences are put up for privacy and security. Agricultural fences keep animals from straying and mark boundaries between farms.

When choosing a fence material or type of fence to install on your land, you must figure out its purpose.

The purpose of the fence determines its height, material, and price. If privacy is the purpose of your fence, you will install a high fence. You should also use an opaque and solid material that you cannot see through.

Your neighbors

Before you install a fence, make sure to consult your neighbors. Depending on the type of fence you install, your neighbor may have a responsibility to take care of their side. Therefore, it is important to notify them.

If you have a homeowners association, consult them to ensure that you install the recommended fence type for your region.

Consulting your neighbors ensures that you know your boundary lines. Therefore, you will not install your fence on your neighbor’s land.

Fence material

There are many types of fence materials that you can buy. The purpose of your fence determines the material you will use.

For agricultural land, you can use barbed wire, mesh wire, wood, or electric wire as your fence material.

For residential land, the best fence materials include vinyl, wood, concrete, PVC, wrought iron, and aluminum.

Different fence materials have varying costs. Barbed wire is the cheapest fence material while aluminum and wrought iron are the most expensive.

Some materials require more maintenance than others. A wood fence requires chemical treatment and regular painting. When you install it, ensure that there is proper drainage or that it does not come into contact with water. Regular maintenance eliminates pests that cause it to rot and replace.

Concrete fences require little maintenance and last for a lifetime.


When choosing a fence, you must consider its looks. You will install the fence on your residential property and you want it to look attractive. Appealing fences increase the value of your property.


If you have pets, you need a fence that will keep your pets safe and within your compound. Chain link fences are the best for when you own dogs. They keep them enclosed and depending on the height, the dog cannot jump over the fence.


Before you decide on the type of fence to install, you need to check your budget. There are cheap fences that are suitable for different types of land use. Also, there are expensive fences with their purposes.

Condition of the land

How your land looks determines the cost and complexity of fence installation.

If your land slopes, it will be difficult and expensive to install a fence. It will require grading which will increase the amount of money you will spend on your fence.

However, if your land is flat, properly demarcated, and ready for fencing, there will be less work to do. Additionally, it will not cost as much.

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