As a homeowner, one of the most important investments to consider after purchasing a house is building a fence. Often, homeowners contemplate whether they should take on the task themselves or enlist the help of professionals.

DIY fence installation could save you some coins but end up being very time-consuming. On the other hand, professional fence installation can be costly, but it may save you lots of valuable time.

It is thus important to understand the pros and cons of each method of fence installation to make an economical and time-sensitive choice.

DIY Versus Professional Fence Installation

DIY fence installation projects are assumed to be considerably cheaper than professionally performed projects. However, many ignore the many “invisible costs” that may dent their pockets when taking the DIY route.

Some of these costs include the cost of materials and equipment that may measure up or exceed the labor cost when you hire a professional. Fortunately, when on this route, you can partially or completely eliminate the labor cost for the entire project.

Drawbacks of DIY Fence Installation

Despite the ease of working on a fencing project, some issues may emerge which call for a professional touch on the fencing project. For instance, you may need professional help when digging holes, and it’s crucial for you to avoid tree roots and wiring or plumbing lines.

Working on a fencing project may be costly to homeowners due to the challenges experienced during the DIY project. There are some common DIY mistakes that you can avoid by having a professional working on your project. These include incorrect measurements, wrongly dug holes, and violations of the local fencing laws. The undoing of such mistakes may cost you a pretty buck in the long run.

Some fencing projects also require a unique set of skills for correct installation. A good example is the installation of wrought iron fencing, which calls for a special skill set for decorating the iron rods to produce eccentric designs. In this case, your DIY skills may not be suitable for the project.

We can’t forget that DIY fence installation is a labor-intensive project, and it’s not uncommon for you to do work that normally requires more than two people to complete.

What Does It Take To Build a Fence?

Building a fence requires a myriad of skills apart from the initial purchase of the building equipment. Some of the skills required to build a fence are carpentry, building, digging post holes, and taking measurements of the areas to be covered by the fence.

As you undertake the DIY fencing project, you should also be prepared to dig holes, cut materials into the appropriate lengths, and fix pieces of the materials together.

Pre-made DIY fence kits come in handy when installing a fence solo. That’s because they come with laid down procedures and instructions that tell you exactly how and when to perform a certain step or action.

You will also notice that the time taken on a project may be longer than the actual time estimates required. This is because homeowners assume some tasks will take a fraction of the estimated time. One such task that’s many homeowners will often forget to factor in the time to do is painting the fence.

Why Would You Need to DIY a Fence Installation Project?

DIY fence installation projects allow homeowners to build the fence exactly how they’d like. These are also enjoyable and exciting, especially when done as family projects or personal passion projects.

Despite the time-consuming aspect of DIY fencing, many things make it worth your while. For example, the personal touch you can achieve and the satisfaction and pride that emanate from knowing you did it all yourself.