Several factors determine the cost of a vinyl privacy fence. The height, topography of the land and the quality/ design.

An 8-foot high vinyl privacy fence will cost $22 to $55 per linear foot. To fence the average yard, you are looking at between $3,212 and $8,300.

Vinyl is a popular privacy fence material. A vinyl fence is available in as many styles as you would prefer to suit your yard.

The average cost to install a vinyl privacy fence ranges from $25 to $60 per linear foot. For professional installation of a vinyl privacy fence, most households will pay $5,500 to $6,500. This price covers the cost of materials and professional installation.

As you can see, the price range for a vinyl fence installation is large. How much you pay for your fence depends on several factors.

Factors That Influence The Cost


Vinyl privacy fences are available in different designs. Each unique design has its cost implications. Some will be cheap, while others will be expensive. Your design will determine how much you finally pay for materials and fence installation.

You can choose between a full vinyl privacy fence or a privacy fence with a lattice at the top to accentuate it and allow light into your yard. You can also install a horizontal or criss-cross patterned vinyl privacy fence. Additionally, you can choose from various colors for your vinyl privacy fence.


Cost discrepancies in a product arise as the quality improves. Thus, how much you pay for your vinyl privacy fence will depend on the quality of the fence you choose.

You can expect to pay less for installing a low-quality vinyl fence. A high-quality vinyl fence will cost more to install than the national average price. A high-quality vinyl privacy fence is full of the positive features of vinyl. These features are strength, durability, and low maintenance needs.

Depending on your budget, always choose high-quality vinyl fence materials.

Height Of Your Fence

Vinyl privacy fence materials are available in panels. The cost of these panels is based on their height. The higher the fence you need, the more you pay for both materials and installation.

Depending on where you live, you could install up to 8 feet of a vinyl privacy fence in your yard. It is the highest fence that one can install, depending on the rules of their location.

An 8-foot privacy fence costs 35% more than a 6-foot privacy fence. Depending on your budget and privacy needs, you can choose any of these most preferred vinyl privacy fences.


Depending on where you live, you may or may not require a permit to install a fence. If you hire a fence installation professional, they will advise you on whether you need a permit. Based on your location and whether you need a permit, the cost of your vinyl privacy fence could increase by up to $400.

If you intend to install the fence by yourself, check with your homeowner’s association or with the local authorities on whether you need a permit.

DIY Or Professional Installation

If you have the time, tools, and skills to install a vinyl privacy fence in your yard, do it. Depending on the size of your yard, height, and the type of vinyl fence you choose, it will help you save up to $1,000 in your budget.

However, it is always better to hire a professional to install the fence. A professional has more experience and is insured. They also provide you with a guarantee or after-sale service if you need repairs at little or no cost, which you can’t get if you do it by yourself.

DIY Or Professional Installation

Slope Of Your Land

Installing a vinyl privacy fence on sloping land will cost more than installing it on flat land. Installing a fence on sloping land is difficult and takes more time than installing it on flat land. The sloping land may need grading. This is an extra cost that makes the installation project more expensive.

Benefits Of A Vinyl Privacy Fence

Low Maintenance

The Vinyl privacy fence is a low-maintenance fence. First, it is easy to clean. You can wipe it with a soft cloth or spray water onto it with a hose.

Vinyl fencing doesn’t fade. You don’t have to repaint it as other types of fences during their lifetime. It is pest-resistant and doesn’t rot, unlike a wooden fence.

A vinyl fence is the best solution if you are looking for a beautiful fence that saves you money with little maintenance work.

Easy Installation

Vinyl fencing is easy to install. After you have set up the fencing posts in their right positions, you just need to slide the vinyl panels in until you hear them click in place. Most homeowners prefer to install vinyl fencing for themselves instead of hiring a contractor.

Even when you do hire a contractor to install the vinyl privacy fence, the cost is still much lower than in any other type of fence.

Complete Privacy

Vinyl privacy fences provide complete privacy once they are installed. Vinyl privacy fences are sold in panels. These panels do not leave any space in the fence. Thus you are fully covered from prying eyes when you are behind the fence. Additionally, a vinyl privacy fence can be 6 or 8 feet high. Thus providing maximum privacy.


In as much as a vinyl fence is a low-maintenance fence, it is highly long-lasting. Many companies that sell vinyl fencing often offer a lifetime warranty over their fence. Its strength and versatility ensure that it can withstand extreme weather changes and still maintain its integrity. Its material ensures that it retains its color even after years of standing in the sun, rain, and wind.


Vinyl fencing unlike wood does not need to be stained or treated with toxic pest-resistant chemicals. Making it an environmentally friendly product. Additionally, vinyl fence materials can be easily recycled to make new fences rather than dumping them into landfills.


Vinyl fencing is attractive. It is available in different colors, designs, and styles. Thus you can choose a vinyl fence to improve the aesthetics and curb appeal of your yard.

DIY Or Hiring A Professional Contractor

You can DIY or hire a professional fence installer to install your vinyl privacy fence.

Vinyl fencing is easy to install. It comes in panels and posts. Once the posts are properly secured in the ground, slide the panels in the given slots. It would take you up to 6 hours to finish fencing your yard with a vinyl privacy fence.

Even if you can install the fence by yourself, it is much better to hire a professional. It may increase your costs, but you will end up with a properly installed fence. Further, some manufacturers only honor warranties on fences that are installed by a professional.

A professional installer is insured. The cost of treating injuries and accidents is covered by their insurance. If mistakes happen during installation, a professional can easily handle them without extra charges to you.

How do you hire a professional for your vinyl privacy fence installation?

Use the tool to hire professional fence installers.

It is easy to use and convenient. At the top of the tool, enter your zip code. Then fill a form to offer more information on your fencing project.

You will then receive three free quotes from professional installers. Go through the quotes and advice offered by the contractors.

You can then use the quotes to hire one of them to install the vinyl privacy fence for you.

When choosing a fence contractor, choose one who is competent and whose charges are within your budget. Visit their website and read reviews on other fences they have installed before you hire them to install your fence.


Before you buy materials for your fencing project, you need to know the size of your fence. First, you need to find out the size of your yard. You can measure the yard by yourself or you can ask for help. A land surveyor or a professional fence installer will help you measure your yard and calculate how much fencing material you will need.

Using professionals to measure your yard makes it easier and ensures that you buy the correct quantity of materials for proper fence installation. You don’t want to have excess fencing materials when you are done.

If you are looking for a cheap privacy fence, then a wood fence is the best option. A vinyl privacy fence is more expensive than a wood privacy fence.

Wood privacy fences are cheaper. However, it depends on the type of wood you choose. Pine is the cheapest type of wood to make a fence. It has to be treated chemically to ensure that it can resist pests and prevent rotting. Other types of wood such as cedar and hardwoods may be more expensive than vinyl.

Yes, they are.

Vinyl fences are some of the most durable fences you can install in your yard. They will even come with a lifetime warranty. Apart from regular cleaning, vinyl fences are low to no maintenance fences. They do not attract pests and don’t rot or decay. Vinyl fences can withstand extreme weather and they also don’t catch fire easily.

In addition, vinyl fences are easy to install. If you want to increase the appeal of your yard, vinyl fences are available in a range of colors.

A vinyl fence is easy to install you can DIY or you can hire a pro to install it for you. Most of the costs for vinyl fence installation will go to the purchase of materials and only a small portion to labor for a professional installation. Thus, most people will prefer to have a pro install the fence for them.

However, you can DIY your vinyl fence installation. You will need tools such as a post hole digger, a cement mixer, a spirit level, a saw, and many other tools as required. Dig holes to hold the posts. Secure the posts with cement, then install the vinyl fence panels in the slots within the posts. Make sure that you space your posts according to the size of the panels.

Remember, it is much easier to install a fence on level ground.

Depending on the location, weather patterns in the location, and the quality of the vinyl fence used, you can expect a vinyl fence to last for 20 to 30 years.

Vinyl fences do not rot or decay. They don’t absorb water which could weaken them from inside. Additionally, vinyl fences don’t catch fire easily. They are also strong enough to not warp or bend. Thus it can serve you for much longer than many other types of fences. The better the quality of the vinyl fence you buy, the longer it serves you.

How Long Does A Vinyl Fence Last

For good neighborliness, it is proper to let your neighbors know that you will be installing a fence in your yard. Additionally, both of you can confirm how far the property line goes to ensure that you keep the fence to your side. Crossing the property line when installing the fence may cause more problems.

A new fence may or may not affect your neighbors’ view. Thus it is important to let them know before you install it.

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