Get an 8-foot privacy fence for maximum privacy and security in your home. The most preferred privacy fence materials are wood, vinyl, and metal. These materials make durable, strong, and attractive privacy fences. But, how much does it cost to install an 8-foot privacy fence?

It will cost you between $4,800 and $11,000 to install an 8-foot privacy fence in your home. You can expect to pay $24 to $55 per foot for materials needed to install this size of fence. An 8-foot privacy fence costs 25% to 35% more than a 6-foot privacy fence.

The cost of an 8-foot privacy fence is quite high. The height of the fence and the size of the yard influence the cost of a fence.

Advantages Of Installing An 8-foot Privacy Fence


Your outdoor area is an extra room in your house. Without the right walls, you cannot enjoy your outdoor area. You tend to feel that your privacy is invaded. Your fence is the wall of the outdoor area. Without the right fence, you will not enjoy your outdoor area as you should.

An 8-foot privacy fence is like a wall for your outdoor area. It covers your yard and your whole house from view. It provides you with the privacy you need to enjoy the outdoor.


A high fence is sufficient security for your home. Pets and intruders can easily jump over short fences regardless of the material of the fence. It is difficult to get over an 8-fence. Your pets will stay safe in the yard and you don’t expect intruders to jump over your fence.

Reduce Noise

An 8-foot fence will reduce the amount of noise that reaches your house. A solid fence material such as wood, vinyl, or metal will block noise from cars and neighbors as they pass by your house and also from the surrounding environment.

Enhance The Curb Appeal Of Your Property

Depending on the style or design of your fence, it will enhance the appeal of your property. A fence makes your property look and feel attractive.

Access Control

Every fence installed must have a gate. Depending on the type of gate you install in your fence, you can allow or disallow access into your compound.

Disadvantages Of Installing An 8-Foot Privacy Fence

Need To Seek Your Neighbors Consent

Before you install an 8-foot privacy fence, you need to get consent or inform your neighbors. A high fence blocks out the sun and makes your yard and your neighbors cold. Thus, you need to consult your neighbors on both sides and inform them of the intention to install an 8-foot privacy fence.

Blocks The Sun From Your Yard

An 8-foot fence blocks the sun from your yard. This can be an advantage or a disadvantage. It is an advantage since you can enjoy your time outside without getting a lot of sun on you.

It is a disadvantage since your compound will get extremely cold in the winter. This will also happen to your neighbor’s compounds.

Need To Get A Permit

Depending on where you live, you may need to get a permit to install an 8-foot privacy fence. This will increase the cost of installing your fence. You may also be disallowed from installing the fence by the authorities wherever you live.

How Much Does It Cost To Install A Wood 8-Foot Privacy Fence?

You can expect to pay between $21 and $30 per linear foot for materials only. Including the installation cost, you will pay from $3,800 to $6,000. Most households will pay an average of $5,000 to install a wood 8-foot privacy fence.

How Much Does It Cost To Install A Wood 8 Foot Privacy Fence

Advantages Of A Wood 8-Foot Privacy Fence


A wood fence is a beautiful fence. Most times wood fences do not need painting. Their natural color is warm and attractive.

Some trees from which the wood to make fences have a different color which is retained by the wood. For example, red cedar tree wood is used to make fences. Wood from this tree has a natural red color. Fences made from this tree are beautiful in their natural red color.

You can also change the color of your wood fence by staining. A stain is a chemical color that is applied to a wood fence to protect it from pests and atmospheric moisture that may cause the fence to rot and decay.

Stains for your wood fence are available in different colors. Stains are applied to a wood fence every 3 to 5 years to ensure it retains both the color and protection.


A wood fence has a lifetime service guarantee of 20 years. Depending on the type of wood you choose for your fence, it could serve you for up to 25 years. During this time, you need very little maintenance.

Depending on the type of wood you buy for your fence, make sure it is pressure-treated. Regularly inspect your wood fence for termites and any signs of rot and decay. Repair areas of the fence as soon as you notice any damage. Stain your wood fence every 3 to 5 years.

When you take care of your fence, it will save you time and money.


A wood fence is affordable to install. Compared to other types of fences, wood is the cheapest to install.

Disadvantages Of Installing An 8-foot Wood Privacy Fence

Prone To Rot And Decay

Your wood fence is likely to rot and decay. Wood absorbs water from the atmosphere and the ground. This causes the wood to swell and then shrink when the water evaporates. Over time, this reaction causes the rot and decay of the wood.

Before you buy a wood fence, find out the best type of wood fence to buy. There are some types of wood that don’t decay and are naturally repellant to pests and termites. Also, ensure that your wood fence is treated for longevity.

How Much Does An 8-foot Metal Privacy Fence Cost

You can expect to pay from $4,800 to $8,000 for an average residential plot metal 8-foot privacy fence. The materials cost for an 8-foot metal privacy fence range from $30 to $40 per linear foot.

You can expect to pay from $15 to $20 per linear foot in labor costs to install this fence.

There are different types of metal you can use for your fence. Aluminum is the most commonly used metal to make privacy fences. It is significantly cheaper than other types of metal.

Advantages Of An 8-foot Metal Privacy Fence


A metal fence is the strongest fence you can have. It will stop things from hurtling into your compound intentionally or by accident.

Due to its strength, the metal fence doesn’t dent easily. The impact of a car accident on a metal fence will not dent the fence.

The strength of a metal fence means that the security of your household is enhanced.

Requires Little Maintenance

A metal fence requires little to no maintenance. Depending on the type of metal used to make your fence, its appearance may already be modified or painted. Once this is done, you will not need to do it again soon.

Metal fences such as aluminum fences, do not rust or corrode. Additionally, you can repaint your metal fence every 10 years when the surface paint starts to fade.

With little maintenance, you don’t have to think about your fence after installation. Saving you lots of time and money.


Metal fences can last for up to 100 years. Long-lasting fences save you lots of money and time. Unlike wood fences which can rot and decay, metal fences remain as they are for their whole life.


Metal fences are available in different styles that make them and your yard aesthetically appealing. Different types of metal fences have an appearance that doesn’t easily let on that they are made of metal.

Some come painted while others have a wood stain applied which makes them look appealing.

Easy To Install

Depending on the type of metal you choose for your metal fence, they are easy to install. Aluminum and corrugated steel fences are available in panels. You can easily install them on your compound as a weekend DIY project.

Disadvantages Of Installing A Metal 8-foot Privacy Fence


A major drawback of using metal for your fence is the cost. Metal fences are expensive compared to other fence materials such as wood.

How Much Does A Vinyl 8-Foot Privacy Fence Cost?

A vinyl privacy fence is a strong, durable, and aesthetically appealing fence. You can expect to pay $5,300 to $7,000 to install an 8-foot privacy fence in your yard. You can expect to pay $28 to $40 per linear foot of materials needed for a vinyl privacy fence.

Advantages Of Installing A Vinyl 8-foot Privacy Fence


Vinyl fencing is strong. It is not as strong as metal fencing but is stronger than wood fencing. It is also flexible. This means that it can withstand strong winds since it can bend with the wind and maintain its position.

A strong privacy fence protects you from intruders and prevents your pets from leaving your compound.

Little Maintenance

Vinyl fences require little to no maintenance. They don’t need painting as they are available in different colors from the manufacturer. Their color doesn’t fade so you won’t need to paint it. Unlike wood, you don’t need to apply chemicals to the vinyl fence to keep away pests and atmospheric moisture.

The only maintenance you can carry out on a vinyl fence is regular cleaning. It is easy to clean and all you need is soap, water, and a soft cloth. You can add bleach to kill any mold and mildew that grows on the fence.

Easy To Install

Vinyl fences are easy to install. Most homeowners with the skill and tools for a fencing task prefer to do it themselves and not hire a pro.

To install a vinyl fence, dig post holes to correct depth and secure the posts in place. Then, slide and lock the vinyl panels in place. Do this all around your yard and your privacy fence is installed in a few hours.


Vinyl fences are available in many attractive styles. You can choose a white vinyl fence or one that resembles stained wood. Besides color, vinyl fences are also available in different shapes.

Disadvantages Of Installing An 8-foot Vinyl Privacy Fence


Compared to wood and even some metal fences, vinyl fences are quite expensive. It costs more than double the cost of a wood fence.

However, once installed, you don’t need to spend money on the fence.


From far away, a vinyl fence looks attractive and strong. When near it, it looks cheap and weak especially after years of exposure to the sun and varying weather.

A wood fence ages more gracefully than a vinyl fence.

Should You DIY Or Hire A Pro To Install Your Privacy Fence

If you have the skills and tools to install either wood, metal, or a vinyl 8-foot privacy fence by yourself, do it. It will save you a lot of money that you would have otherwise paid a pro.

However, if you can’t DIY, you can easily hire a pro to help.

Use this tool.

At the top of the page, enter your zip code. Then, fill in the form in the next step. The form asks you to provide information on your project. The information is then sent to fence installation pros.

You will then receive quotes to install a fence from three companies. You can pick either of the three to install the 8-foot privacy fence in your yard.

Should You DIY Or Hire A Pro To Install Your Privacy Fence


Depending on where you live it may be illegal to have a fence higher than 6-foot. Consult the local authority fence installation companies to find out if it is legal. And, if you need to get a permit to install the privacy fence.

If you hire a pro to do it for you, it takes 25 to 30 hours. As a DIY project, you will need up to 50 hours to finish installing the fence around your yard.

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