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There are other options to drywall you can use if you are trying to save money or want a unique look.

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bathroom drywall

Drywall comes in different types that are used for various purposes around the house. For instance, the bathroom and kitchen drywall are different from the rest of the rooms. This is because areas subjected to moisture and lightly damp conditions should have water and mold-resistant drywall. Bathrooms need moisture-resistant drywall that will not be damaged […]

Difference between Gypsum and Drywall

Gypsum powder is a dehydrated mineral used in construction, while drywall is modern construction sheets used to line walls made of paper and compressed Gypsum. Drywall is primarily made up of gypsum. Drywall is two paper sheets with compressed Gypsum in the middle. Gypsum is what gives drywall most of its admirable qualities like fire-resistance […]

What’s the difference between sheetrock and drywall

Drywall was invented by the U.S. Gypsum Company (USG) in 1916, and the company manufactures different drywall types of varying sizes and thicknesses in the form of multilayered sheets of compressed gypsum or concrete sandwiched between two sheets of thick paper or reinforced fiberglass. Sheetrock and drywall are related products. They have identical characteristics and […]

Difference between drywall and plaster

If you are constructing a new house or building new walls to your existing house, it is essential to think about how you will finish the walls. Plaster and drywall are both excellent options that you should consider. Your decision will depend on your preference and budget. Drywall is designed using a gypsum board sandwiched […]

12 Drywall alternatives

Sturdier and more durable drywall alternatives have been around for decades, and the wide variety of affordable options available is impressive and can do a much better job of adding value to your home. Wood plank, plywood, and plastic panel walls are rated among the best drywall alternatives by contractors due to their low prices, […]

Is Sheetrock Better Than Drywall

When planning your home renovation, you’ve probably come across these two terms, drywall and sheetrock. Most contractors use the terms interchangeably, and this confuses many homeowners. The truth is, the difference between these two construction materials is minute. What is drywall? Drywall is among the most common construction materials used when creating walls and ceilings. […]

drywall vs plaster cost

You have the choice of plaster or drywall to finish or cover your walls. How much does it cost to use either of the two? It costs $1 – $3 per square foot to install drywall on your walls. You will pay $4.50 – $14 per sq ft if you choose to plaster your walls. […]

Purple Vs Green Drywall

Regular drywall is used in living areas of your home, but there are a couple of different color-coded types that have specific uses. The most common are purple and green drywall. Purple drywall is moisture, mildew, and mold resistant. It also doesn’t scratch or dent and is more expensive. Green drywall is only moisture resistant. […]

Cheapest Way To Finish A Garage Wall

Even though drywall is quite cheap as a finishing material, some cost-effective alternatives can give you a different look for your garage space. Some affordable garage wall finishing alternatives include OSB, metal panels, plywood, and backer boards. Depending on your budget, you can choose either of these materials to finish your garage wall. Each has […]

Expanded polystyrene (EPS)

Foam board insulation is a great alternative to the most common insulation material, the fiberglass batt insulation. Foam board insulation has a higher R-Value per inch of thickness than fiberglass, and it is moisture resistant and quite easy to work with. Because of its resistance to moisture, foam board insulation is an ideal choice for […]

Plywood V Drywall

Both plywood and drywall are popular items in construction projects. They may have similar uses. Depending on the project, builders will prefer one over the other. We compare the two to give you an overall winner, but the application and project are going to determine which is best for you. Deeper analysis below the table […]