When it’s time to complete your basement finishing project, it’s common to feel concerned about the choice of material for the ceiling.

Both drop ceilings and drywall are good options for finishing a basement, and of course, both of them have pros and cons.

Let’s go together through all the aspects of both materials so that you have a better idea of which one is best for your house.

finished basement drop ceiling

A drop ceiling, also known as a suspended ceiling, is a grid system that holds tiles together on the ceiling. On the other hand, drywall ceilings are pieces of sheetrock that are screwed, tapped, and mudded to achieve a smooth texture.

Pros and cons of drop ceilings


Easy access

Drop ceiling provides easy access after installation if there is a need to do some fixes on your wiring for example. With a drop ceiling, you can get in there any time without hesitation, just pop out the tile. With a drywall ceiling, you have to be 100% sure that everything is in the right place before closing up the ceiling.

Easy repairing

In case of water damage, the drop ceiling is very easy to fix and repair. Just simply remove the damaged tile and replace it with new. One of the easiest DIY repairs ever. Easy access to pipes can help you fix the problem if water starts to run in the basement from upstairs.

Cool looking

Drop ceiling has a really cool look that is pleasing to the eye. Lots of interesting things are available to do with the drop ceilings. The lines and the patterns in the ceiling combined with the right tile can transform your basement into a cool and unique place.


Installing lights and changing them is a piece of cake with a drop ceiling. The drop ceiling tiles can be interchanged, so if you don’t like how the lighting is, you can move the tiles around to give you a better lighting setup.


Ceiling tiles are a great way to insulate the sound in the room. Different tiles can have a better acoustical rating to block the sound, great for turning your basement into a movie theatre room or just to decrease the sound of the people that are walking upstairs.