Although drywall is an inexpensive option for garage finishes, there are other cost-effective alternatives that can provide a different aesthetic for your space.

Some affordable garage wall finishing alternatives include OSB, metal panels, plywood, and backer boards.

Depending on your budget, you can choose either of these materials to finish your garage wall. Each has its own cost, benefits, and drawbacks.

Cheapest Way To Finish A Garage Wall
(per sq ft)
(per sq ft)
Metal Panels$1.50$13.20
Fiberglass Panels$1.00$5.35
Cement board$6.00$15.25
Backer board$4.54$7.65


Oriented Strand Board or OSB is a cost-effective material to finish your walls on a budget. OSB is similar to plywood and is made by gluing together many layers of wood flakes.

OSB is a protective wood sheathing suitable for garage walls. It is easy to work with as it quickly fastens to the garage walls. It is strong enough to hold shelves and hang items on.

Its natural appearance allows you to leave it as it is or paint it. It is durable and provides a base for insulation.

Price per square foot = $0.75