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Mold in crawl space

A crawl space is a non-living area that is highly susceptible to mold growth. Crawl space mold can be challenging to remove, and it can spread to other regions of the house if mold remediation isn’t adequately performed. Hiring a professional mold remediator remains the best option of completely (and safely) removing mold growing in […]

prevent mold in bathroom no window or fan

Bathrooms are perfect breeding grounds for mold simply because they tend to have high humidity, with low sunlight and air circulation. It is possible to keep mold out of your bathroom without a window or a fan. The following are some of the things that have proven incredibly effective at solving mold problems in such […]

How to install and hang mold resistant drywall work in progress

Although costlier mold-resistant drywall (aka green board) is certainly worth its price tag when drywalling bathrooms. The amount you will save on Mold problems in the future makes it well worthwhile. Other Examples of such moisture-prone areas include kitchens and laundry spaces. How does mold-resistant drywall work? Mold-resistant drywall normally resists mold infestation through its […]

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