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How do you get rid of mold in the basement

Basement mold is common in buildings located in humid or wet climates, flood basins, but most basements will develop some moisture problems if not properly sealed when built. To get rid of mold in the basement, you need to first spot and repair all known sources of moisture, then remediate mold by removing all visible […]

Mold prevention spray picture

Even the tiniest traces of mold spores in a home can trigger severe allergic reactions. And for people with pre-existing respiratory conditions, higher concentrations can cause serious health issues. Mold killer sprays simplify the job of getting rid of mold. This is because they offer an easy and convenient way of applying mold-killing solutions onto […]

Mold in crawl space

A crawl space is a non-living area that is highly susceptible to mold growth. Crawl space mold can be challenging to remove, and it can spread to other regions of the house if mold remediation isn’t adequately performed. Hiring a professional mold remediator remains the best option of completely (and safely) removing mold growing in […]

FAQ’s kill mold

Uncontrolled mold growth in homes is a health hazard. It can trigger severe allergic reactions. And it can also lead to serious respiratory complications. Furthermore, when it grows on valuables, it can leave ugly marks that destroy their value. Alcohol kills mold. It is one of the most cost-effective and environment-friendly methods of preventing the […]

Removing mold from patio cushions

If you’re planning to bring out your outdoor cushions for the looming spring season, you probably should first check them for mold. Mold quickly grows on furniture both indoors and outdoors, especially if left out on the patio during winter. The good news, however, is that mold can be easily removed with just some water, […]

pressure wahsing vinyl siding

Having brown or dark-green stains on your vinyl siding can be very unappealing. These stains are usually caused by mold and mildew. If left for a long time, the stains can damage your siding. Mold and mildew can also reduce the resale value of the home if left unchecked. There are a few fast and […]

Mold in Air Conditioner How to Find, Fix & Prevent

Mold has a tendency to grow in even the most unlikely of places in your home. If it’s not on your bathroom or basement walls, you might just find it in your air conditioner. While this shouldn’t catch you by surprise, it should be a big reason for you to be alarmed. This is because […]

Tips to prevent mold from forming in carpet cleaning

If you discover mold in your carpet, you need to take steps to remove it immediately as it is a hazard and can cause health issues for you and your family. To remove mold from the carpet you can use a steam cleaner or a HEPA vacuum along with vinegar and baking soda mix. For […]

FAQ’s bad smell

Once you notice that strange smells have invaded your home, the first instinct is to reach for an air freshener. Unfortunately, when it comes to mold smells, a good air freshener is never enough. It might be effective at neutralizing the smell for a while, but the smell will definitely come back. There is also […]

What causes mold on windows & trim

Molds are microorganisms commonly found around damp surfaces inside your home, such as window trims, and they pose a health threat to your family and reduce the value of your home; in this article, we will disclose the steps involved in mold removal and helpful tips on how to prevent mold growth on your window […]

clean pink mold from shower curtain

Serratia marcescens also known as pink mold because of its pinkish biofilm is an airborne bacteria commonly found on wet surfaces like the spaces between bathroom tiles and on shower curtains where it thrives on a steady diet of mineral and fatty residues in soap studs and shampoo. You can remove pink mold by applying […]