The cost of skimming walls will vary depending on the size and height of the walls and ceiling, as well as labor expenses.

The labor cost for skim coat projects would normally run between $50 to $100 per hour. A 500 sq ft wall usually takes between 4.5 to 6.5 hours to finish, billing you at least a minimum of $225.

In calculating the labor cost, professionals consider the size of the target area, the job conditions, the materials to source, the time, and the complexity of the project. Some contractors offer different rates depending on their quality of work.

Skim coast labor costAverage Price
Per hour$50 - $100
Per sq ft$0.45
100 sq ft$45
12 x 12 room$172

The entire process of skim coating walls can be tasking and would require an expert touch. While there are people who find it easy to do it on their own, hiring a professional with the necessary tools and expertise assures you quality work.

Most of the time, hired contractors would take into account the sourcing of the materials, the prep work, the professional application of skim coat, the clean-up job, and the transportation to and from your home.

If your walls have damages and imperfections, the hired expert will also fix them by sanding or repairing them before applying the coat. They will also be the ones to test tricky chemicals and see to it that your skim coat needs are well-met.

Labor Cost to Skim Coat Walls

Basic Labor

  • Prepping the material, mixing of compounds, sanding initial imperfections on walls, professional application of a skim coat, etc.
  • An average cost of $287 to $348

National Average Cost

  • Labor and Materials per 500-square foot
  • An average cost of $492.34

National Cost Range

  • Labor and Materials per 500-square foot
  • An average cost of $450.91 to $533.77

Skim coat: DIY vs professional

The materials and tools needed in applying a skim coat are not difficult to source from your local store. While purchasing new tools may sound impractical especially when you only need it once, it may not be a bad idea if you opt to do the job yourself.

Skim coating by yourself can help you save on costs, and doing so allows you to do it at your preferred time. People who are used to doing home improvements on their own find it easy, but doing it with zero experience can be disastrous.

Even with the help of a lot of YouTube tutorials that can walk you through the process of skim coating, it can still be difficult and the outcome may not be as satisfying and good as you think it would be.

Is hiring a professional a better option?

If you want to make sure that the job is of quality work, this is when hiring a professional contractor becomes the smarter choice. If your home has a high ceiling height, it can be more difficult for you to have good results.

When hiring a contractor to do the skim coat, they will bring their tools, source out the materials, and do the job for you with clear expectations of better outcomes. In the end, this saves you more money, time, and effort while being assured.

When needing a skim coat, it is normal to spend hundreds of dollars to have a professional do it. Hiring an expert just saves you more time and money since the process is taking and is labor-intensive.