Completing your basement is an excellent method to enlarge the usable space within your household.

On average it costs $27,000 to finish a 1,500 sq ft basement. It costs $7 – $23 per square foot depending on the level of drywall finish and type of framing and insulation.

How much you will pay to finish your basement will depend on factors such as labor, materials, and the size of the basement.

cost to finish a 1500 sq ft basement

Size of basement

The larger your basement, the more you will pay to finish it. You will pay less to finish a basement smaller than 1500sq feet.

You will need more materials for a large basement than for a smaller one. Also, you will pay more for labor to finish a larger basement.

The larger the basement, the more time and materials are required to finish it. Consequently, the higher the cost of finishing.

Quality of materials

The type of materials you use to finish your basement determines how much you will pay for the project. High-quality materials cost more than low-quality materials.

However, better quality materials provide for a more appealing basement and high-quality structural finish. You can decorate your basement in any way you want if you use better materials to finish your basement.

How much does it cost to finish a 1,500 sq ft Basement


Hiring a professional contractor to finish your basement impacts the cost.

Professional charges for basement finishing vary. Get at least three quotes to ensure that you hire within your budget.

How much you pay a professional depends on the number of people you will need to work on your basement and the level of finishing you require.

Additionally, the better the finish and the more time spent on the project, the more you will pay.

You can save on the cost of labor by finishing the basement yourself if you have the skills and tools for the job.

Scope of your project

The amount of work required to make your basement usable determines how much you pay to finish it.

Insulation, flooring, and electrical installation will need additional materials. Consequently, the cost of your project will rise compared to when you finish it only with drywall.

Also, the cost will vary depending on the materials you use and the size of your basement.

You can expect to pay more money if your basement needs a lot of work.


Depending on where you live, you will need a permit to finish your basement. Different states consider your basement part of your home. Therefore, you have to finish it according to the building code