Skim coating drywall is popular. It gives your home a fresh look, but it is not necessary.

Skim coating is worth it because it is an incredibly easy way of improving the look and appearance of drywall. It improves how paint looks. It also gets rid of blemishes. And given that it is easy to do, it is definitely worth it.

Here is everything that you need to know about skim coating and why it is worth every penny.

While it is not necessary, skim coating is definitely worth the time, money, and effort that you will have to invest in order to pull it off.

  • You don’t have to be skilled at working with drywall in order to get great results.
  • It is affordable, given that the main material that you will need is joint compound, and
  • It is pretty easy and straightforward to apply.

Therefore, when you weigh the benefits against the cost of skim coating, it will definitely be worth it.

What is skim coating

Is skim coating necessary?

No, skim coating is not necessary.

Why? Because it is primarily for cosmetic purposes.

It simply fixes blemishes, smoothens drywall surfaces, and improves the way paint looks on drywall.

Therefore, you can definitely do without skim coating. This is so especially if you plan on using a specific type of finishing. Also, if you are going to cover the drywall with other materials, there is really no need to skim coat since the drywall won’t be visible anyway.

What are the advantages of skim coating?

What are the advantages of skim coating

Skim coating has a number of advantages. The main ones include:

It is an affordable way of finishing drywall

The main material that you will need for skim coating is drywall compound. This is a relatively affordable material that is readily available. This makes skim coating an easily accessible finishing solution for drywall repair.

It hides blemishes

Skim coating is an effective way of adding seams, tape, holes, cracks, dents, and other blemishes on walls. This makes it a convenient quick fix that is always available to restore the aesthetic appeal of your walls.

It enhances the appearance of paint

If you decide to paint drywall directly, the drywall color and texture will tend to leak through the paint. This will lead to a compromised appearance.

Skim coating solves this bleed-through problem. It not only smoothens the drywall surface, but also “mutes” the orange peel or knockdown look of drywall.

A combination of these factors usually leads to high-quality paintwork that is way more aesthetically appealing.

It makes applying other finishes easier

If you have dented, cracked, faded, or poorly installed drywall in your home, finishing it can be a challenge. Why? Because the blemishes can taint the overall appeal of the finish.

You can use skim coating as an easy and effective way of transforming a blemished-packed drywall surface.

Use it to smoothen the surface and create an appealing consistency. Doing so right before painting it or applying any other finish, will increase the odds of ending up with a flawless finish. This makes it a convenient and readily available solution.

It creates a seamless blend

You can skim coat both your ceiling and walls. And so you can easily create a minimalistic and seamless look by skim coating both your walls and ceiling.

It creates a roomier feel

The brighter colors of a skim coat always make rooms feel more spacious and roomier than they actually are. This makes skim coating a great way of refreshing a small room.

It is easy to fix and repair

It is just as easy to repair a skim coating surface as it is to apply the skim coat in the first place. Why? Because in order to repair a dented, cracked, or rough skim coated surface, all you have to do is to apply a new coat of skim coat onto the damaged surface.

You won’t need specialized skills. Also, you won’t have to spend a lot in terms of materials. This makes it an easy-to-maintain drywall finishing solution.

It doesn’t require advanced skills in order to do

While skim coating may demand a lot in terms of time and effort, it is pretty easy to do. You won’t need any specialized skills or tips in order to pull it off.

Therefore, it is something that you can do on your own. And what is even better is that the process is so straightforward that you won’t have to fear making mistakes.

What are the disadvantages of skim coating?

While it is an easy and affordable solution for finishing surfaces, it is not perfect. Here are some of the shortcomings of skim coating.

What are the disadvantages of skim coating

It takes longer to dry

Before you can prime, paint or do any type of work on the surface, you have to wait for the applied coat to dry. The drying process takes relatively more time. And this means that finishing up your work will take longer.

It is labor-intensive

While applying a skim coat isn’t complicated, it typically takes a lot of time and energy. This is so especially when compared to other options like painting. Therefore, if you don’t want to exert yourself, skim coating is an option that you shouldn’t entertain.

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Skim coating is a drywall finishing technique that involves covering drywall with a thin layer of drywall compound. It is designed to create a smooth and more appealing surface. And it is done by using either a paint roller.

Yes, a skim coat will crack because of:

  • poor mixing or installation
  • physical impact like when furniture accidentally comes in contact with the wall
  • natural wear and tear that happens as time passes

The good news is that fixing cracks on a skim coat is easy. This is because all you have to do is to apply a new coat.

No, skim coating is not difficult.

In fact, it is easy enough that you can do it on your own. This is because it doesn’t require any specialized skills. And a short video tutorial on YouTube can be all that you need to expertly do it.

Yes, you should skim coat your drywall.

You should do it because it will make the drywall look smoother. And if you are planning on painting, it will enhance the way the paint looks as it will keep the drywall’s color and texture from seeping through the paint.

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