Skim coating is a laborious and costly procedure. However, upon completion it can rejuvenate a home and enhance its appearance, while also restoring its structural integrity.

Compared to other ways of finishing drywall, skim coating is the most expensive. Spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars is normal for skim coating projects. If the walls are not very smooth or even to begin with, it will take more time, materials and will cost more.

Skim coating can be a DIY project if you want to save a few hundred bucks. However, it could get tricky and messy, so getting a contractor can be the smarter choice if you want to make sure to have good results.

Is Skim Coating Expensive

In terms of per square foot, the average skim coat cost would be between $1.10 to $1.30 per layer. Usually, skim coat jobs would need at least a minimum of 2 layers for optimum coat health. This would double the cost into $2 to $3 per square foot.

Depending on the quality of material and finish that you choose to have, the size of the walls or ceiling, the average cost will vary.

Here is a table showing the average cost of skim coat depending on the quality.

DescriptionAverage cost per square foot
Low-End Skim Coat$0.90 per square foot
Average Skim Coat$0.98 per square foot
High-End Skim Coat$1.07 per square foot

Skim coating cost by room size

The average cost to skim coat the walls of a room, assuming a 9-foot ceiling height, would be the following:

Room SizeAverage Cost
9 x 11$396 - $468
11 x 12$455 - $538
12 x14$515 - $610
12 x18$594 - $702
16 x 20$713 - $842
20 x 28$950 - $1,123
22 x 28$990 - $1,170

Consequently, skim coating an entire home instead of small sections would be more beneficial since it would assure you that every surface in your home will have the same finish.

In the long term, it is smarter to skim coat an entire house instead of doing it in small sections at a time. However, if doing it in one blow is not warranted or if it doesn’t seem feasible, you can still opt for a skim coat in smaller sections.

Is it worth it to skim coat walls?

Skim coating is worthwhile because it ultimately improves the appearance and aesthetic appeal of drywall. Professionals and homeowners would agree and always seek out skim coating because it adds value to a home’s walls and ceiling.

Since the entire process includes removing and patching unwanted bumps and damages to clear out imperfections, this method can make dated walls appear brand-new and brighter.

Skim coating your home is an investment into the health of the drywall itself since it directly improves the longevity of the surface while making it more visually pleasing.

Is it cheaper to replace or skim coat damaged drywall?

Having a skim coat instead of removing and putting on brand-new drywall is more cost-effective. Going after an easier and more budget-f