How much does it cost to transform the appearance, atmosphere, and functionality of your 24 x 24 garage by putting up drywall?

You will pay $2,380 – $3,400 to drywall your two-car garage. How much you pay depends on the drywall you choose. The cost per square foot to drywall a 24 x 24 garage ranges from $1.6 to $3.75.

Several factors determine how the cost of drywalling your garage.

Type Of Drywall Used

Different types of drywall are available in the market at different prices. The cost of installing drywall in your garage will depend on the one you choose to use.

How you intend to use the garage, your location, and building codes will determine which drywall you will buy.

You can buy drywall to soundproof or fireproof your garage. If you live in a wet location, you will choose the water or moisture-resistant type.

The features of the drywall will determine how much you spend on it. The fireproof type is the most expensive. Thus, you will pay more to drywall the garage if you use it.

Shape Of Your Garage

The shape of your garage will determine how much drywall you need. The more you purchase the more it costs.

Garages are square or rectangular. If your garage has a different shape, it may need more or fewer panels of drywall. Thus, it will impact the cost of finishing your garage.

Intended Use Of Garage

A garage can be left unfinished for a long time. However, if you need to spend more time in the garage, you have to make it fit for its purpose.

Depending on the intended use of the garage you will choose different types of drywall. If you want to set up an office in your garage, you will require soundproof drywall. #

It will cost more than regular drywall and increase the cost of drywalling your 24 x 24 garage.

DIY Or Hire A Pro

The right tools and installation skills allow you to DIY a drywall job. Without these, you should hire a pro. You can save on the cost of labor if you DIY.

Hiring a pro also saves you money as you do not waste drywall panels when you use them badly. Further, it ensures that the result is attractive and installed as intended.

Further, hiring a pro saves you time. You can engage in other activities while the pros finish drywalling your garage.

Factors That Affect The Cost Of Drywall On A 24 x 24 Garage

Cost Of Insulation

If you are going to drywall your garage, insulation is essential. Without insulation, your garage will be uncomfortable. Insulation prevents your garage from getting too hot or too cold.

Garage insulation and drywalling are two finishing projects. Thus, it increases the cost of drywalling the garage. Additionally, there is a variety of insulation materials. The more expensive the insulation material, the higher the cost of insulation.

Ceiling Height

The higher the ceiling in your garage, the more you will pay.

Drywall installation is harder on tall ceilings. Consequently, pros will charge more. For a regular height ceiling, drywall installation is a two-person job. You may need an extra person for higher ceilings.

Additionally, you can use lighter drywall. However, it is more expensive and will increase the cost of installation.

Quality Of Drywall Finish