Organizing Your Home Before and After Your Move

Organizing Your Home Before and After Your Move

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If you’re currently living in Phoenix and planning a long-distance move, you might not be alone. According to recent statistics about the Phoenix real estate market, monthly home sales have taken a significant hit. Around 30 percent of Phoenix homeowners have also considered moving out of this region. Keeping this in mind, you may also want to plan a long-distance move.

The factors surrounding a move out of Phoenix might vary according to each individual. One of the biggest reasons for this trend is the increase in house prices. With Phoenix being such a popular relocation destination until recently, the cost of living has gone up.

There’s nothing wrong with moving to a new location if the old one doesn’t seem right. Still, the whole process can be quite bothersome and tiring. With the following tips, however, you might find that organizing is the key to easy moving! Let’s have a look at these tips:

Organizing your home before a move

1. Hire a moving company

If you’ve decided to move, remember that this step also comes with its burdens and responsibilities. This is the time when you have to stay active, alert, and somewhat meticulous.

Since packing and unpacking are the main tasks here, why not work on making them easier? For this, you need to focus on organizing and decluttering belongings before and after the move. Having fewer belongings in the beginning will help you pack more quickly. Plus, you’ll find that fewer boxes and less labor also lead to lower moving costs.

After the move, organizing everything will help you settle into the new life. With the right setup in place, everyone will soon feel at home. You don’t have to do it all alone; contact the best Phoenix long-distance moving company and ask for their help. This step will make your packing and unpacking processes more efficient.

2. Early planning for packing

Once your house is on the market and there’s an offer worth considering, it’s time to start packing. With all the things you have in the closets, attic, basement, and other areas, you’ll realize there’s a lot to do, which is why you should start packing early.

If you start planning early, it’ll be easier to take an inventory of all your belongings. While doing so, you can make decisions about what goes and what stays. In case there are items that you can’t get rid of but don’t use yet, consider some external storage units. But before you do so, consider going through a guide for storage units.

3. Prepare yourself emotionally

No matter what kind of move it is, there’s bound to be some sort of emotional stress building up. You might be downsizing from a large house to a middle-sized apartment, which means that a lot of stuff needs to go.

Before you start decluttering, conduct a mental check-in for yourself and the family. This could be a major change; you’re leaving a myriad of memories and connections behind. It’s particularly difficult for the elderly and kids.

Without this crucial step, your organization and decluttering might backfire. If everyone lets go of the past in a healthy manner, they won’t be too tempted to take everything with them.

4. Purge and declutter

Decluttering means getting rid of things that you no longer use or need. These may include:

One effective way to declutter is to make ‘Keep,’ ‘Trash,’ and ‘Donate’ piles. Before everything goes into the boxes, you can organize items by their necessity.

Organizing your home after moving

1. Look at the big picture

Before you start putting things away, set up an empty box for more donations. While taking out each item, ask yourself (and others) the following questions:

The last question is the most important one. Your new home is where you want a place for all the things that have a use. Be very picky about what you put inside this precious space. You want to be able to enjoy the place without having to deal with loads of clutter.

Fortunately, you probably have a lot of time to purge more items now. There’s no deadline or move-out date to keep in mind. Don’t overwhelm yourself; tackle the items according to the room. Go with one room at a time, or assign different rooms to responsible family members. It may also help to have a new home checklist at this point.

2. Clean before setup

This is the perfect chance to thoroughly clean each room before your items cover the space. While you’re cleaning, think of where certain furniture items can go and how they will look. It will save time later on when you’re trying to set everything in the room.

Cleaning also includes replacing air filters, checking appliances, and getting rid of the packaging material. These practices will help you to make the space convenient and comfortable for everyone.

3. Establish a new cleaning system

Once you’ve successfully transitioned into the new home, work on establishing a new cleaning and organizing routine. Here are some tips to guide you:

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