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Lawn aeration near me

Taking care of your lawn has so many benefits. For instance, a beautiful lawn makes your home appealing. Also, it can significantly boost the resale value of your home. So, it is important to aerate, dethatch, mow and overseed your lawn as often as required. Aerating your lawn yourself may save you a few dollars, […]

Is sod cheaper than hydroseeding

Sod and hydroseed are both excellent methods of establishing your lawn. But which one is cheaper? Sod is more expensive than hydroseeding. Hydroseed can be up to 10 x times cheaper than sod and it is a wise option for large lawns because it is more affordable. Generally, hydroseed seed costs about $200 for 1000 […]

how much does hydroseeding cost

Hydroseeding makes it easier and faster to grow in a thick lush lawn. It is more expensive than traditional overseeding but cheaper than laying sod. Hydroseeding costs between $425 to $3,500. The cost per sq. ft. is $0.08 to $0.25. Price varies depending on the size of the lawn and the seed type used. An […]

FAQ’s deathatching

Dethatching removes old grass and debris that accumulates in the lawn over time. Thatch forms a thick mat over the soil and prevents roots from getting enough nutrients, water and air. You can decide to dethatch yourself or hire dethatching services near you. When looking for a dethatching service, you should take the time to […]

what is dethatching

Thatch is the interwoven layer of organic matter consisting of dead and decomposing plant stems, rhizomes, stolons, and roots lying between grass blades and the soil surface; excessive thatch harbors disease-causing fungi and pests, and it is detrimental to your lawn health. Lawn dethatching is mechanically removing the excess thatch layer from your lawn so […]

Average Cost Per Hour for A Gardener

Gardens need a lot of attention and care to keep that curb appeal and more importantly, to make your neighbors jealous. The cost to hire a gardener ranges between $35 – $75 per hour on average. Specialty tasks such as lawn aeration may carry a high price tag due to the hiring of specialist equipment […]

How Much Does Lawn Aeration Cost

Lawn aeration is important to have done every couple of years before overseeding and fertilizing. Lawn aeration costs $35 to $150 for the average lawn, but you will pay more for larger ½ acre and 1-acre properties. In most cases it cost about the same to hire a lawn aeration machine or DIY, so you […]

What does aeration actually do for your lawn?

Proud gardeners will know the satisfaction of keeping a luscious lawn. Proper lawn care requires regular maintenance, and one of these key bits of maintenance is lawn aeration. Aerating lawns is just as important as watering and fertilizing to keep them thick, green, and healthy. Lawn aeration is the process of punching holes in your […]

Local lawn overseeding service

Using a local lawn overseeding service is a great way to revive the bare spots, thicken the turf, and enhance your lawn’s green color. And while watering and adding fertilizers may work, in some cases, lawn overseeding might be a better solution. Lawn overseeding services near you can quickly give your lawn a once over […]

Lawn service mowing lawn professional

Lawn mowing services cost varies depending on the size of your yard, type of the grass, and the specific services you need, these include lawn mowing, aeration, dethatching, fertilizing and weed control. However, lawn care service costs range from $0.01 to $0.05 per square foot. Hourly rates are between $40 and $80. Costs vary depending […]

cost to hydroseed a quarter acre lot infographic

Are you wondering how much it would cost to hydroseed your ¼-acre lawn? While hydroseeding is costlier than traditional seeding, it is a faster and more convenient option for establishing larger lawns. More so, it is cheaper than sodding. Typically, an average US lawn size is ¼ acre (about 10,500 square feet), which costs about […]

Hydroseeding Cost per Sq Foot

Hydroseeding is a cheaper and faster alternative to laying traditional sod. It is more expensive than regular seeding, but it involves much less work, making it a more convenient way to grow your lawn. On average, homeowners spend about $0.10 per square foot to hydroseed a lawn. This cost ranges between $0.08 to $0.25 per […]