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Selecting the right lawn for the right environment is key to long term success.

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Lawn service mowing lawn professional

If you’re reading this, you’re probably battling the thought of what is cheap between; buying yourself a lawnmower and using it to attend to your lawn or hiring a lawn service or someone to do the job for you. You should buy a Lawnmower if you have more money than time. You should pay someone […]

Finding a hydroseeding company near me seeds and water

Everyone loves a golf course-quality lawn, but few people are willing to go through the process of establishing it. This is because the process is usually labor-intensive and time-consuming, no matter the method you select. When comparing hydroseeding and regular seed, hydroseeding is a better option and easier alternative compared to regular grass seed. Although […]

cactus dahlia

Dahlias are known for their intense colors and symmetrical ball-like shape. They have been a hit across Europe since the late nineteenth century. It was at the end of the eighteenth century before the Dahlia reached Europe and soon after three varieties were known. Between 1830 and I860 the interest in Dahlias became intense, and […]

The chrysanthemum has been very properly designated the queen of autumn flowers. Thanks to the untiring and assiduous efforts of the great growers and hybridizers it has been brought to a pitch of perfection undreamt of a generation ago. The word Chrysanthemum has been derived from the Greek chrysos, gold, and anthemon, flower. It is […]

Should You Water Hydroseed Right Away man water plants

A lot of homeowners have turned to modern methods like hydroseeding to help them grow magazine-cover-worthy lush green lawns without spending a lot of money. With the right hydroseed mixture, skills, and good timing, you can grow a healthy lawn through hydroseeding anywhere in the world. The best time to hydroseed is in the spring […]

Is grass classified asa plant?

When the word ‘plant’ is uttered, images of trees, shrubs, and flowers most likely spring to mind. But what about grass? Should grass be considered a plant too? As it turns out, grass is indeed a plant. In fact, grass is one of the most abundant plants in the world, making up nearly 30% of […]

Hydroseeding vs Sod Cost Pros & Cons of Both

If you have just bought a new residential or commercial property or are finally ready to make your neighbors green with envy over your lawn, you may be wondering whether to hydroseed or lay sod. The method you choose will depend mainly on your budget and preferences. Hydroseeding and sodding are excellent lawn establishment methods, […]

What is the best fertilizer for your lawn

For a healthy-looking yard, you need the right fertilizer for your lawn. The right amount of nutrients ensures that the grass is thick and green. Is 19 19 19 a good fertilizer for your lawn? 19-19-19 is an all-purpose garden fertilizer. Therefore, it is suitable for use on your lawn. It contains 19% of Nitrogen, […]

What Are the Disadvantages of Hydroseeding

Hydroseeding is a sophisticated way of establishing your lawn. The slurry contains a mixture of grass seeds, mulch, fertilizer, and a tackifier. Hydroseeding is excellent for large spaces and is way cheaper than laying sod. While hydroseeding has so many advantages, it also has a fair share of disadvantages. Some of the most outstanding cons […]

Lawngrass Zoysia Grass

Picking a drought-resistant type of grass is one of the best decisions you can make to ensure that you have a green, lush lawn all year round. The best drought-resistant grasses are Zoysia, Bermuda grass, and Buffalo. Here are some other all-star grasses that stand out on your lawn even during prolonged droughts: St Augustine […]

Bermuda grass

When choosing grass for your Utah lawn, ensure to get drought-resistant grass. Consider the climate and time of planting. Drought-resistant grass does not need a lot of water and it can survive even in sunny weather. Bermuda grass is a warm-season grass that is suitable for Utah weather. Its deep and extensive root system makes […]

Factors influencing the price of hydroseeding a lawn

Hydroseeding is a fast way to grow a lawn from scratch and it is quickly becoming the go-to method over traditional seeding. Hydroseeding a lawn is relatively cheap when compared to sod, but a more expensive option than regular seeding. It will cost you $1,200 on average to hydroseed a 10,000 sq ft lawn (US […]