Timothy Munene

Timothy is a freelance writer and an online entrepreneur.
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Timothy is a freelance writer and an online entrepreneur. He is the founder of Trulink Solutions Limited and the Chairman of the Online Workers Association of Kenya.

Timothy’s educational background is in Information Technology. He holds a BA in IT and is currently pursuing a Masters in Computer Science.


After a short stint in employment as an IT expert, Timothy opted to try his hand in entrepreneurship. He tried his hand in several ventures before finally settling on freelance writing.

Writing has always been a hobby for me from a young age. As a young lad, I loved spinning stories using the written word. Later, as an adult, I embraced the art of using words to communicate; I initially did this through blogging on social forums.

I realized I could make money writing and I decided to go into writing as a side gig. The side gig eventually translated into my full-time job.

I started a content writing agency in 2017 on Upwork. The agency was legally registered in 2018 in Kenya. Today, with the help of my team I am able to deliver more output in different niches serving multiple clients across the globe.

A determined dedication to always produce quality and consistency for my clients has helped me have a successful content writing career. Having a dedicated super team to work with has also helped.


Working as a freelance writer has helped me have a flexible life and I am able to do several other things.

I work from home where I have the splendid company of my lovely wife Sally, who is also a writer. Working alongside my wife as a team has helped develop me, not only as a writer but in many other ways that would have otherwise been beyond me.

Writing for HomeGardenGuides has helped me transition into home improvement writing which I love and have been focused on ever since.

Apart from writing I am also hugely involved in championing for online job opportunities for the Kenyan youth. Kenya has a huge problem in youth unemployment. I believe that online job opportunities provide one of the best solutions to the national challenge.

I do a lot of training and mentorship activities around the country sensitizing and educating Kenyans on online job opportunities.

In 2019 I helped found the Online Professional Workers Association of Kenya (OPWAK), of which I am the Chairman.

Most of all I am a devoted Christian and I love spending time with the youth at church and engaging in other Christian edifying activities.

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