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Check our articles on drywall regulations and safety before you install or remove drywall.

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Do you need a building permit to drywall a basement

By adding drywall you can transform your basement from a cold and dark place to a pleasant living space, living room, playroom, or as an extra room for guests. Building permit depends on your state. Because in the States there are several zoning and development laws and every state has different regulations, maybe your state […]

Removal of Asbestos in Drywall & Sheetrock

Dangerous asbestos is commonly found in the mud or joint compound used in drywall and sheetrock installed in the nineties (1930s to 1980s). Living in a house with the compound could lead to accidental exposure that may trigger illness in the short or long term for occupants. Asbestos present in old drywall and sheetrock should […]

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