Homeowners and contractors frequently utilize plaster to cover building walls, resulting in a polished surface ready for painting. This is a widely practiced method for completing interior walls and ceilings, and is a prevalent form of interior design. The cost of plastering is reliant on the choices made and the dimensions of the area. For extensive and elaborately decorated walls, the average cost for plastering can be fifty percent higher than standard rates.

Professionals charge between $4.50 and $14 per square foot to plaster a wall. Plastering a standard 16 X 20 feet living room (320 square feet) costs $1,440 to $4,480, excluding the ceiling. In contrast, the cost to plaster an average-sized bedroom measuring 11x 12 feet (132 square feet) ranges from $594 – $1,848 minus the ceiling. Prices are determined by wall size and type, types of plaster material, equipment required, and work difficulty.

Although homeowners can DIY plaster walls, plastering requires high-level skills and experience. Thus it is imperative to hire a professional. You can search nearby plasterers online for an estimate.

The national average to plaster walls is $4.5 and $14.00 depending on the wall condition, height, access and plaster material. 

Re-plastering a wall costs significantly more than applying fresh plaster due to removal costs of the old plaster and preparation and finishing work involved.

The table below shows plastering costs per wall size.

Square FeetWall Plaster Cost (labor inclusive)
50$225 - $700
150$675 - $2,100
250$1,125 - $3,500
350$1,575 - $4,900
450$2,025 - $6,300
550$2,475 - $7,700
750$3,375 - $10,500
900$4,050 - $12,600
1000$4,500 - $14,00

Cost to plaster by room size

Homeowners should understand that it costs more per square foot to plaster a room or two than plastering an entire house. Also, certain rooms in the house, like kitchens and bathrooms, require more expensive heat-resistance or water-proof plaster types, which may increase the project cost for those rooms over others.

Attics, crawl space, basements, and garages may require different finishes due to the wall types and moisture issues. Also, the job complexity when working in these areas can increase labor costs.

Below is a table showing the cost to plaster each room within a 1,500 square feet home. The prices below are inclusive of labor.

Room Type Average Square FeetPer Square Foot Plaster CostTotal Cost
Bedroom 132$4.5 - $14 $594 - $1,848
Living Room 280$4.5 - $14$1,260 - $3,920
Kitchen 123$11 - $20 $1,353 - $2,460
Dining Room 117$4.5 - $14 $526 - $1,638
Bathroom 81$11 - $20$891 - $1,620
Nursery132$4.5 - $14$594 - $1,848
Utility Room 47$4.5 - $14$211.5 - $658
Garage 459$12 - $20$5,508 - $9,180


The cost to plaster a bedroom measuring 132 square feet ranges between $594 and $1,848, depending on the plaster material used and work complexity. Some bedrooms may have decorative features requiring intricate finishing. Some homeowners using higher quality paint for their bedroom walls may need a higher quality finish, increasing plastering costs.

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