Professional plaster repair is essential when the plaster in your home breaks or cracks. Proper plaster repair requires specialized tools and equipment and must be carried out by a trained pro.

Before you engage a professional for a plaster repair service, you must understand the process and the costs before you hire a plaster repair service.

Here are all the factors you need to consider before hiring professionals to repair plaster in your home.

Plaster Repair Services Near Me
DescriptionAverage Cost
Average Cost of plastering$500
Plaster Cost Per square foot$2 - $10
Plaster Repair Cost$10 - $100
Ceiling Plaster Repair Per Foot$70 - $80
Water damage$75 per hour
Small holes$50 - $80 per square foot
Large holes$70 - $100 per square foot
Cracks and chips$20 per crack

Plaster cost per square foot

You will pay $2 to $10 per square foot for plastering. If you also need to resurface your walls, you will pay $10 per foot. You will pay $2- $5 for plastering without resurfacing.

Plaster repair cost

Plaster cracks depending on how you use the room or the quality of installation. When it cracks, you need to have it repaired. It costs $10-$100 per square foot for plaster repair.

You may pay up to $20 to repair single cracks in the plaster. The larger the crack in the plaster, the more you pay to repair it.

Cost of plastering a ceiling

Plastering a ceiling costs $70 to $80. On average, you will pay $390 to plaster a ceiling. If you have a design on your ceilings or unconventionally shaped roofs, it will cost you more to plaster.

Cost to plaster a room

Plastering a room costs $800 to $4000. The larger the room the more you will pay for plastering.

How to choose a good plastering service

Below are tips to help you find a reliable plastering contractor.

Choose an experienced contractor

When choosing a plaster repair service, make sure to hire an experienced plasterer. An experienced contractor will do high-quality work. When the plaster is well installed, it will last for a long time.

An experienced contractor will charge more for their services compared to an inexperienced one. However, their work is much better.

Experienced contractors can handle a range of plaster repair projects competently.

Choose an experienced contractor

Search online is a free tool to hire professional plaster repair service providers.

It connects homeowners to professionals in the following easy steps.

  1. Enter your zip code at the top of the tool.
  2. Fill in the form to provide more details about the drywall service you need.
  3. You will receive three or four quotes and advice from professional drywall installers.
  4. Contact and hire a service that falls within your budget.
use free service

Get referrals

When looking for plaster repair services, seek referrals. When you hire a repair service after a recommendation or referral, you already know the quality of their work.

Repair services that you hire from recommendations are easy to trust with work in your home.

Additionally, hiring a plastering service you referred to is different from hiring after going through online reviews. Online reviews may be fabricated while recommendations and referrals cannot.

Interview multiple contractors

Before you pick a contractor for your plaster repair, you need to interview several contractors.

To start on your interviews, make sure to get some knowledge on plastering services. Go online and read about methods of plaster repair. You will have the ability to conduct interviews well and supervise the job you offer.

While interviewing contractors, carry out a background check. Find out if they are licensed and if they have the right insurance for the work you are about to hire them for.

Additionally, find out the average cost of a plaster repair service. Thus, you will be aware of low bids from the contractors you interview. Those offering low bids may not have the experience, licenses, and insurance for the job.

The more contractors you interview, the better. You are likely to get an affordable high-quality, plaster repair service provider.

6 questions to ask a plaster service provider

Before you hire any contractor, you should ask them the following questions.

Have you done a job like this before?

Before you hire a contractor, you must find out if they have done plaster repair jobs like yours before.

For the best repairs on cracked plaster on your property, you want an experienced contractor. They will fix the problem and also ensure that it blends in perfectly with the rest of the uncracked plaster.

A contractor with experience will offer you a portfolio of jobs they have completed before that are similar to yours. You can use it to assess whether they are the right service provider for your job.

Always hire an experienced contractor for perfect results.

Proof of license and insurance

Always ask potential contractors for plaster repair in your home for proof of licensing and insurance. Depending on where you live, it is illegal to hire or for contractors to work without them.

Insurance is an essential commodity for contractors to have. IT ensures that they can pay for any damage they may cause in the course of their work. It also ensures that they can pay for any medical bills if there are any injuries.

Plaster repair is risky work. It may involve climbing ladders to reach high ceilings and also cutting into thick walls. These may cause injuries to the contractor.

Without the right licenses and insurance, you will have to pay for medical bills and damage to your property arising from the work.

How long will the work take?

Always have the contractor provide you with a timeline on how long it will take for them to complete the plaster repair. It helps you to organize your budget, schedule, and use of your home or property.

How long it takes for a contractor to finish a task impacts the cost of the project. The longer it takes, the more you pay.

How long plaster repair takes depends on the extent of the damage and the part to be repaired. For extensive damage on an easily accessible part, repair may take a few hours.

How much will you charge?

Before you hire a contractor to repair plaster on your property, they must inform you of the cost or estimate of the repair project.

The contractor must inspect the damage before they can give a proper estimate of the cost of repair.

Unscrupulous contractors will avoid the initial inspection, give you an estimate then charge an excessive amount after the job is done. Make sure you know how much you will pay before the job starts.

Also. find out how you will pay the contractor. Depending on the scope of the project, ensure you agree with the contractor on whether you will pay the full amount after the work is complete or will you pay in stages?

How will you protect the property?

Plastering is a dirty task. Your contractor must assure that they will protect the items on the property from dirt and damage.

Ask your contractor how they will protect the furniture and other items in the house from damage. They must also assure that they will clean the walls without extra charges.

Do you offer a guarantee for your services and materials?

Before you hire a plaster repair contractor, find out if they offer guarantees for their work and service.

A professional and experienced contractor who is confident in their work will offer a guarantee to their clients.

You do not want to pay for the same task twice if the plaster repair is not done well. Only hire a contractor who is willing to offer a guarantee and will not charge you for any errors on their side or if the damage persists after the repair.

What you need to know before hiring a plaster service provider


Before you hire a plaster repair service, you must determine how much it costs and whether you can afford it.

It is best to get at least three quotes for the service. Also, determine if your home insurance can pay for the repairs depending on the cost.

You can also choose to DIY. If you have the time, tools, and skills to repair plaster damage, you are likely to save on the cost of hiring a pro.

However, for error-free work, it is best to hire a pro who has the right experience and will save time for you.


Ask the contractor you have chosen how you can prepare before the repair. Will you have to move the furniture or wash the walls before the job starts? You may also need to cover the floors.

Also, consider whether you need to purchase any materials for the repair before the contractor arrives.

Also, depending on the extent of the damage, the contractor may require you to stay away from your home during the repair. You need to know how long you need to be away from your home.

Hire a contractor who understands your needs

There are different types of plaster repair contractors. Some will handle large and complicated projects while others will repair damaged plaster in residential properties.

Depending on where you live, these contractors will have different licenses, residential and commercial.

Depending on the damage at hand, you will hire the relevant contractor. Residential contractors have the training and experience to handle residential damage competently. Commercial contractors can handle repairs in large buildings and industrial settings.

Local contractor

It is always best to hire a local contractor to repair your damaged plaster.

Local contractors are easy to access. If you need emergency plaster repair, you can quickly find the best contractor and call them to repair the damage.

Additionally, you can find out the reputation of local contractors quickly and you can easily get a contact person in the business.

How long the contractor has been in business

Find out how long the contractor has been in business. The longer they have been in business, the more likely that they will repair your plaster with expertise.

The length of the business existence also determines the experience of the contractor. The longer their experience, the better their skill.

Always hire a skilled contractor to work on any damage on your property. An inexperienced contractor may not handle a large crack on plaster as it should be.


Plaster is safe to use. Plaster regulates the temperatures in your house. Consequently you don’t have to use your air conditioner in the house. It saves on your electricity bills.

Additionally, plaster repels ducts and is recyclable. It is also mold and mildew resistant.

Plaster can also be recycled and is produced efficiently with little energy requirements. Further, it is easy to clean, its material is easily available and is a great alternative to paint.

Take good care of the plaster you install in your home for its durability.

Plaster and drywall are both made from gypsum. Plaster is made from gypsum mixed with water. It is then passed through a drying process to make plaster that does not break when hung on the walls of your house.

Drywall is made of gypsum with a paper backing. It is also a common finishing product. It requires a professional to hang on the walls and ceilings in a home.

Both gypsum and plaster ensure that you can decorate or paint your walls in any way you want.

What is the difference between plaster and drywall

You can DIY plaster repair depending on the extent of the damage. DIY is possible for small holes and cracks in easily accessible places.

However, extensive plaster repair is best left to professionals. Plaster repair on ceilings and high walls is risky. You need ladders to reach high plaster on high ceilings and walls.

You are at risk of falling to the ground and injuring yourself. For this reason you need insurance to cover your medical bills and to pay for any damage that you may cause as you work in your clients homes.

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