Best plants to hide an ugly fence

Many homeowners face a major problem with unsightly fences, as it can greatly impact the visual appeal of their homes and even decrease their property’s worth. Simply painting over the fence may not suffice in turning it into an envy-worthy structure for your neighbors. However, there is a highly effective solution for concealing unattractive fencing.

You can hide an ugly fence under a select number of plants. These include bougainvillea, star jasmine, honeysuckle, clematis, wisteria, etc. These plants grow in specific ways, from creeping vines to medium-height shrubs, and improve the overall look of the fence. This means that the property’s aesthetics can be improved, which can lead to an increase in the property’s value.

Everything you need to know about these plants is detailed below.

The best plants to hide an ugly fence

Finding the best plants to hide an ugly fence might be challenging for many. This is due to the large variety of plants available for purchase. Different plants also require different factors, and poorly cared for plants can end up withered and unsightly.

Here are some of the best plants to hide an ugly fence. They include in no particular order;

1. Bougainvillea

  • Temperature: full sunlight
  • Soil type: soil with good drainage
  • pH; no particular preference

Bougainvillea is one of the best plants to hide an ugly fence. They have very beautiful flowers with bright pink to purplish flowers and are a good addition to an ugly garden fence. Bougainvillea can be grown as vines, trellis, and even shrubs depending on the length and type of ugly fence to be covered.

They do very well in full sunlight and may resist a small drop in temperature. However, they may die in places with harsh winters and require replanting.

2. Star Jasmine

Star Jasmine
  • Temperature; low sunlight, requires shade.
  • Soil type; well-drained loamy soil
  • pH; low alkaline, neutral to acidic environments

Star Jasmine is also one of the best plants to hide an ugly fence. The plant is not the true jasmine plant, however, it is a close relative. The star jasmine is evergreen and requires very little maintenance. Star jasmines cover up ugly walls by growing in between the posts and chains and blanketing the fence in their leaves. They can also be trimmed into shrubs for shorter fences.

Star jasmines have bright flowers with good perfumes that attract bees and add to a garden fence. They grow well in places with shade against harsh sunlight and in a well-drained loamy soil. They also grow in most soils from low alkaline, neutral to acidic environments.

3. Honeysuckle

  • Temperature: full to medium sunlight. They do well in cool climates
  • Soil type: all soils even those with poor drainage
  • pH; no preference

Honeysuckle is also excellent at hiding an ugly fence. Honeysuckle is the best choice for places with poor soil quality as they grow wherever. The durability of the honeysuckle plant makes it one of the top choices for most gardeners as they have a high chance of thriving in bad soils.

Honeysuckle blooms in spring and produces bright tubular flowers in white and shades of red, yellow, and orange. The Honeysuckle plant grows in vines allowing it to cover tall and short ugly fences. They also do well in cool environments with medium to full sunlight exposure.

4. Clematis

  • Temperature; full sunlight for stem and leaves. Needs shade for roots.
  • Soil type; any fertile well-drained soil.
  • pH; alkaline to a neutral environment.

Clematis also works wonders at hiding an ugly fence. They are climbers and will grow over a fence and hide tall ugly fences very well. There are different species of clematis available but the evergreen species is the best. Evergreen clematis stays green throughout their lifetimes although their flowers fall in the autumn.

There are other species like the dwarf clematis which grows to about 3 feet. This dwarf species can be planted to cover a short ugly fence. The Clematis plant has beautiful pink to purple colored flowers when they bloom. They grow well in sunlight although their roots need shade. Clematis grows well in fertile, well-drained soils within neutral to low alkaline soils.

5. Climbing ivy

Climbing Ivy
  • Temperature; every temperature
  • Soil type; every soil
  • pH; every pH environment

Climbing ivy is another excellent option for hiding ugly fences.They are one of the most resistant plants to grow and have evolved to grow in almost every environment. Climbing Ivy has aerial roots and can grow without any support from the fence.

If climbing ivy is left they grow very well although occasional trimming will be required to keep the vines from overgrowing the fence.

6. Climbing roses

Climbing Roses
  • Temperature; full sunlight
  • Soil type; loamy soil
  • pH; neutral to low acidic environments

Climbing roses can also hide your unsightly fence and give it a completely new look.They are climbers and sprawlers and will cover an ugly fence by climbing over them and covering up an ugly fence. These plants bloom very beautifully and produce good perfume so they add to the aesthetics of the house and the general look.

Climbing roses require full sunlight exposure in well-drained and fertile loamy soil with a neutral to the low-acid environment.

7. Wisteria