Is it typical to offer a tip to fence installers after they’ve completed their work? If it’s usual to provide tips, what amount would be appropriate to give?

Yes, it would be best if you tipped fence installers. This is because it is a great way of showing your appreciation. Tipping them between $10 and $40 per person is normal. However, tipping contractors is not always expected because they are usually paid a fair hourly wage.

Here is everything that you need to know about tipping fence installers.

Do You Tip Fence Installers ... How Much is Normal

Is it customary to tip fence installers?

No, it is not customary to tip fence installers. They also don’t ordinarily expect tips.

Generally speaking, people in the service industry are the ones that expect to be tipped. And since contractors usually get paid a fair wage, and their job description doesn’t fall under the service industry classification, it is not customary to tip them.

However, it is good to tip installers as a way of appreciating great work. It is also an effective way of showing kindness. It is thus not surprising that about 50% of people tip them, or at least consider it appropriate to tip people who work on their fences.

How much do you tip fencing contractors?

You tip fencing contractors a cash tip of between $10 and $40 per installer. $20 is the most common amount that people tip.

However, you can pay more or less depending on the cost of the fencing project and the quality of the work that the installers did.

When do you tip fencing contractors?

You tip them in the following circumstances.

  • When they have provided an excellent service and you are satisfied with their professionalism
  • If they have been working in harsher-than-normal conditions and you want to show your appreciation
  • If they go the extra mile by providing extra services than what they were paid for. For example, if they clean up after themselves or if they dispose of debris after installing a new fence.
  • It is a good thing to do and it is something that is sometimes expected. However, this doesn’t usually apply in cases where they haven’t done their work to your satisfaction.
When do you tip fencing contractors

When shouldn’t you tip fence installers?

You shouldn’t tip fence installers if:

  • They have done a poor job
  • They cannot accept tips because their employers prohibit employees from accepting tips.
  • For example, many big box stores do not allow their employees to accept tips. Therefore, even if a delivery person, like an appliance delivery guy, offers good service, you shouldn’t tip simply because that would be against company policy.
  • They haven’t completed their job according to the agreement that you entered with them
  • If the fence installer is self-employed and is a business owner who owns the fence installation service
  • Even if the fence installers did a great job, you may not tip them if they are rude
  • If they don’t arrive on time, or fail to do the job within the agreed time frame.

Things to consider before you tip

Some of the things that you should keep in mind when tipping include:

The weather

If you want your fence installed during a period that features harsh weather, then you should consider tipping. This is so even if the contractors are paid hourly, at a rate that is considered fair. In such a case, tipping them is a good way of appreciating their dedication.

Your location

Reaching remote areas takes more time. It may also consume more resources than usual.

Therefore, if you are located in a remote area and the service providers make the trip without complaining or charging you extra, then tipping them is something that will make sense.

The size of the job

If the fence installation work that the contractors have to do is a quick job, you can tip on the lower end of the tipping scale (between $5 and $10 per person).

But If the project that they are working on is big and labor-intensive, then the amount that you tip should be on the higher end of the tipping scale (between $15 and $30 per person).


Whether you tip or not should also depend on the season.

For example, if the contractors are working on your fence during the Christmas holiday, then tipping as a way of expressing the Christmas or holiday spirit is appropriate.

It may also be a way of expressing your gratitude for the sacrifice that they make by installing your fence and not being with their family. Therefore, you can tip a little more during the holidays.

Do you always have to tip contractors?

No, you don’t always have to tip the people who are working on your fence. This is so even if they have done a great job.

Why? Because there are different ways in which you can make a person who is working on your property feel appreciated.

Here are the different ways in which most people show appreciation without necessarily giving out money.

  • Provide shade if it is hot outside
  • Serve them iced tea
  • Provide a cold soda during the summer heat
  • Leave a good review on their website or on a reputable review website
  • Give them a referral
  • Order pizza for the entire crew
Do you always have to tip contractors

Additional tipping tips

Here are additional tips.

  • You should clarify that it is a token of your appreciation for their excellent work
  • If you feel inclined to tip workers, don’t make a big spectacle out of it. If you do, most people will likely take offense
  • Give the tip directly to the working crew and not their employer
  • If you are in doubt about whether the gesture will be appreciated, you can always ask.

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