The specific penalty for neglecting to mow your lawn differs depending on the state and local government. Typically, grass that exceeds a height of 6-12 inches is subject to fines. It is customary for certain states and counties to enforce regulations regarding maintaining a well-maintained lawn.

If your grass grows beyond a certain height, you will be fined. The fine for not cutting your grass can range from $50 charged by homeowners’ association to about $1,500 charged by state authorities. You may be asked to pay a fixed price or they can mow it and charge you for the service as a fine.

Lawn mowing regulations may be set by government authorities, homeowners associations, or by the police. It comes down to what is attainable where you live.

Fine For Not Cutting Your Grass

South Carolina

District regulations in Columbia prohibit property owners – both commercial and residential – from allowing grass and weeds on their premises to grow beyond 8 inches in height.

Violating this regulation could lead to fines of $500 or more. You are expected to keep your property and premises clean, safe, and in a sanitary condition.


For residents of Tuscaloosa, violating the lawn mowing order can attract up to $736 in fines. The Tuscaloosa Police Department Code Enforcement Division is placed in charge of this.

Tuscaloosa City Municipal fines you for grass or weeds at your residence that exceeds 12 inches in height. If this happens, They will leave a notice that the lawn must be cut within seven days to avoid sanctions for unlawful growth of vegetation.


For residents of Virginia, it is not allowed to keep your grass growing beyond 12 inches. If the order is violated, the governing body will give reasonable notice to mow the lawn. If the notice is not abided by, they will have the grass or lawn area cut by their agents or employees.

In this case, the cost and expenses incurred will be chargeable to and paid by the property owner. It may be collected by the county as taxes and levies. Violation of such ordinance may be punishable by a civil penalty of about $100.


The fine for property owners in California who don’t get their overgrown weeds and dry grasses mowed to comply with the city code is a minimum of $1,000. This is in addition to the cost of mowing the lawn that will be paid to the contract workers. In total, you may be charged up to $1,500 depending on the size of the lawn.


If you’re resident in Indianapolis, your grass and weeds should not exceed 12 inches in height. If you’re seen violating the regulation, you’ll be given 10 days to mow the overgrown grass.

If it goes beyond the 10 days, the city takes care of the lawn and the resident is charged $363 as a fine to cover the cost of mowing the lawn.

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