Many companies provide free mold inspections, but this complimentary service often leads to fees for mold remediation.

Free mold inspection for renters is something offered by mold remediation companies because in most cases it does turn into a paying job for them. It’s a win-win.

Be sure to pick and choose who you get out for a free mold inspection on your rental property. Also, you need to be respectful of companies’ time. Get a free inspection if you think you might have mold and need it to be remediated.

Oftentimes, a free mold inspection is part of the package of a company’s mold remediation process. As a renter or a tenant, you should first be certain about the mold growth in your home, doing so allows the mold inspection to be productive.

Since mold remediations can cost you a considerable amount of money, you should first initially assess your home if it prompts a professional’s attention since they would usually push for mold remediation.

In choosing a mold company or a mold inspector, you should look for their certifications and other credentials, and seek a second opinion. If your initial inspector discourages a second opinion, you should take this as a red flag.

Also, if the landlord has failed to disclose damage or an issue in the property and this has caused mold growth, you can demand a free mold inspection.

Free Mold Inspection for Renters

Are Free Mold Inspections a Scam?

It is not undeniable that there are people in the mold remediation business that scam people into paying more than what was expected to be free. Although these operators do not represent the entire industry.

Before you ask a particular company to impact your mold problem for free, consider the following:

  • Large mold growth: If your home has large mold growth, a mold inspection is an important and legitimate part of mold remediation. Homeowners will be then expected to pay for the professional mold remediation services.
  • Small mold growth: However, if you only suspect small mold growth in your home, you should be wary about free mold inspections. It is in the mold company’s interest to find mold in your home, and charge you for their services as they remove it.
  • Company’s reputation: If you have any doubt about the company that you seek to have a free mold inspection, it’s best to seek a second opinion or look for credentials and certifications about their services.

Mold Inspection vs Mold Remediation

The two are different processes, and most of the time, tenants and landlords confuse the two as the same processes.

Mold Inspection

A mold inspection pertains to the process of evaluating whether there is mold growth in a home or a building that is above economic levels.

The process of mold inspection may include a thorough investigation of the building history, an observation of the occupant’s or the tenant’s living behaviors, an inspection of the property, and mold testing.

Usually, a mold inspection would take around 2 hours. Here, the expert will evaluate the cause of the mold problem in the property, and assess the cause of it. After which, the results will be available for two days.

Mold Remediation

Mold remediation, also known as mold treatment, involves steps that help fix a mold growth that is found after the mold inspection. This may include resolving water problems and cleaning and removin