If you are remodeling your walls or installing new ones, sheetrock is the go-to drywall material for your project. This article takes you through the average price to hang sheetrock and other related costs.

The national average cost to hang sheetrock is about $1.85 per square, with a range of $1.63 to $2.06 per square foot. This cost includes labor and materials. The national average cost for materials only is about $0.53, with a typical range of $0.45 to $0.61. For a typical 500 square foot space, you can pay approximately $800 to $1,000.

The project’s actual cost depends on a few essential factors such as the location, condition of the project, size of the project, and the finish options you choose.

Average cost of sheetrock

The following table provides you with an outline of the average cost of sheetrock.

Cost per sheet$12 to $35
Cost per Square Foot$1.63 to 2.07
Cost for standard 12 x 12 room$230 to $300
Cost for 1,500 sq. ft. house$2,400 to $3,100
National Average cost$800 to $1000
Cost to hang sheetrock in bathroom$430 to $500
Cost to hang sheetrock in garage$700 to $800
Cost to hang sheetrock in a room$500 to $600

Cost to hang sheetrock on ceiling

It costs about $2.34 per square foot on average to hang sheetrock on the ceiling, with a range of approximately $2.07 to $2.61 per square foot. Expect to pay between $500 and $700 to hang and finish sheetrock on the ceiling. However, the overall cost depends on the room’s size, height, and finish options.

Hanging sheetrock on the ceiling is quite challenging, especially if the ceiling is more than nine feet high. For such projects, it is best to work with professional contractors to avoid accidents and costly damages.

Sheetrock vs. Drywall work in progress

Cost to hang sheetrock in bathroom

The average cost to hang sheetrock in a bathroom is between 430 to $500. This cost, however, depends on the type and size of the bathroom. For instance, a half bathroom will need to be painted while the walls of a master bathroom will have tiles. Bathroom sheetrock should be moisture resistant to protect the walls from getting wet. Green board and purple board sheetrock are moisture and mold resistant, making them perfect choices for the bathroom.

Cost to hang sheetrock in garage

The cost to hang sheetrock in a garage ranges between $1.65 and $3.75 per square foot. The cost translates into about $700 to $800, minus the floor space. This cost includes insulation, but the actual cost will depend on the garage’s size, shape, and level of finish.

Fire-resistant sheetrock is recommended for the garage, and it costs about 50% more than regular drywall. This means installation costs will be higher. More so, fire-rated drywall is thicker, making it more challenging to cut and install.

Cost to hang sheetrock in a room

An average living room tends to be about 300 square feet. So, hanging sheetrock in such a room may cost approximately $500 to $600, not including the finishing costs. The cost varies widely since some rooms are larger than others. To estimate how much it will cost to hang sheetrock in a room, you can multiply the price per panel by the number of sheets the room is likely to take.

Cost by Sheetrock type

The table below provides you with the cost of sheetrock cost for the 4’ x 8’ panels.

Regular1 sq. ft.$0.31$0.38
Green board1 sq. ft.$0.44$0.56
Purple board1 sq. ft.$0.47$1.88
Blue board1 sq. ft.$0.38$0.47
Type X Fire-resistant1 sq. ft.$0.41$0.63
Soundproof1 sq. ft.$1.56$2.34

Regular sheetrock

Regular sheetrock is commonly used for ceilings and interior walls. It comprises a gypsum core covered with thick sheets of paper. Regular drywall is the least expensive, and it costs about $0.31 to $0.38 per square foot. It is easier to install and finish than other types of sheetrock. The cost to sheetrock 100 square foot, therefore, ranges between $200 and $230.

Green board

Green board, also called moisture-resistant drywall, comes in a special coating that prevents moisture absorption. This sheetrock is mainly used in bathrooms and basements or other areas where moisture is a concern. It is ideal for kitchen and bathroom backsplash areas and bathroom walls outside the shower area. Green sheetrock is however not recommended for areas that get wet. This sheetrock is easy to install, and it can cost about $230 to $241 to sheetrock 100 square feet.

Purple board

Purple sheetrock offers moisture, mold, and mildew resistance. The sheetrock coating prevents the absorption of moisture just like green sheetrock but offers additional protection against mold and mildew. The cost of purple drywall is about $15 to $60 per panel. For a 100 square feet space, you will need about $232 to $373 to hang sheetrock.

Blue board

Blue board, also called plasterboard, can be used in place of sheetrock. If you want a traditional plaster finish on your w